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A room of Her Own:One Woman's Struggle with Anxiety

Woman's Struggle With Anxiety Disorder

"A Room of My Own: One Woman's Struggle with Anxiety Disorder"

When faced with the day-to-day challenges of life, most of us feel some stress and anxiety. But for some, anxiety is more than just an occasional feeling of worry. It's a disabling condition that can make everyday activities extremely difficult. For Dee, anxiety disorder has made it hard for her to leave her home and be around other people. "I'm not afraid," she says. "I am incapable of stepping outside, missing events, holidays, appointments, commitments.” After trying many different treatment options, and no success, it doesn’t mean it will not work for someone else. She's hopeful that one day she'll find a treatment that will help her overcome her anxiety and live a normal life. In the meantime, she's learned to cope with her condition and has created a "room of her own" where she can feel safe and relaxed.

1. A Room of My Own

When Dee decided to leave her corporate job, she was excited and filled with energy. She had always been creative and had many ideas for new products and services. However, within a few months, the excitement turned to anxiety, fear, thoughts of suicide, and she found herself struggling to concentrate and focus on her work. She was constantly worrying about whether she was doing things right and whether she would be successful at anything, ever. Dee’s anxiety began to affect her sleep and she found herself waking up feeling exhausted. She was also irritable and short-tempered with her family and friends. She knew she needed to do something to manage her anxiety, spoke with her doctor, about changes to her medication, and doubled her therapy sessions. Her therapist recommended Dialectical behavioral therapy. Dee made personal changes to help her emotional regulation, including online spending, cut some personal relationships, including stopping physical intimacy. Slowly but surely,. Dee began to feel better. She was able to concentrate and focus. The anxiety and worry were still there but she was better able to manage them. Now, *Dee is sharing her story, not because it will help others who are struggling with anxiety. She wants people to know that they are not alone and sometimes our struggle is so "real" it becomes unreal, you stop talking about what you are going through. Almost developing the sense, that people don't believe you. Don't stop talking, in the behavioral health community, people will listen.

2. Every experience is different

Dee has suffered from anxiety twenty-five years. More than anxiety disorder, she is also diagnosed with Bipolar 1, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, Seizure Disorder, and a Mild Learning Disability. For this article, only anxiety disorder will be discussed. She has been through a lot of anxiety-related treatments but has never really found anything that helped her manage her disorder. Her story is one of transparency, resilience, and she hopes that by sharing it, she can help others who might be struggling with similar issues.

Over the years Dee has chosen to stay indoors, deeming it safer for herself and others. Dee needs help with everyday tasks such as, answering her phone, replying to a text, picking up prescriptions.

3. The different ways anxiety disorder manifests itself

Anxiety disorders come in many different forms, each with their own unique set of symptoms. One of the most common forms of anxiety disorder is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which is characterized by excessive worry and stress about a variety of topics, including everyday life events. People with GAD often have difficulty concentrating, sleeping, and may startle easily. Other common forms of anxiety disorder include panic disorder, characterized by sudden and intense episodes of fear; Social Anxiety Disorder, characterized by extreme anxiety and self-consciousness in social situations; and Specific Phobias, characterized by extreme fear of specific objects or situations.

4. The impact anxiety disorder on the woman's life

Anxiety disorder has had a profound impact on my life, both negative and positive. On the negative side, anxiety has caused considerable distress, making it difficult for me to function in day-to-day life, often feeling isolated and alone. My condition, and diagnosis is not well-understood by family and friends. Keeping a job has been difficult, but therapy does help with that.

5. Coping with anxiety disorder

There is a long way to go for Dee minimizing triggers, and stimulation factors. Even with all the changes Dee made, which to some seemed drastic, she still needs constant prompting, to walk outside, get fresh air, leave home, call her parents, eat, keep appointments. This worked for her situation.

6. Message to others struggling with anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is a very difficult thing to deal with. It can be very debilitating and make it hard to function in day-to-day life. I know this from personal experience. I want to reach out to others who are struggling with anxiety disorder and let them know that they are not alone. I know how hard it can be to face each day and how scary it can be to think about the future. I want people to know that there is hope. I am living proof that it is possible to recover from anxiety disorder and live a full and happy life. It takes time and effort, but it is so worth it. I would encourage anyone struggling with anxiety disorder to seek help from a professional. There is no shame in getting help and it can make all the difference in the world. I am also here to say that you are not alone in this. I know how isolating anxiety disorder can be. I want people to know that they are not alone in their struggle. There are others out there who understand and who can offer support. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. It could be the best decision you ever make.

After reading “A Room of My Own: One Woman’s Struggle with Anxiety Disorder” it is concluded that anyone can suffer from anxiety. It does not matter how old you are, what gender you are, or what race you are. Anxiety is something that can happen to anyone at any time. It is important to seek help if you feel like you are struggling with anxiety.


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