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A Mother’s Love is Universal: A Short Story

Richelle is a nerd of all things healing. Topics she loves are: trauma, healing, narcissism & borderline personality disorder.

A Mother’s Love is Universal


It doesn’t matter if you are a human mom, or a cow mom - the love of a mother is universal.

My family and I just moved to a new area that used to be pretty rural and is slowly becoming more suburban.

Today we were driving home from Costco, and we saw a calf that had gotten loose on the road. My husband and I pulled over and called the police because the road we were on was a pretty fast/busy side road to get to the main side of town. Cars were driving up to 70mph which wouldn’t bode well for the people driving, let alone the poor calf.

My husband and I decided to pull over to help, since the poor calf was scared and we didn’t want anyone to be injured by hitting the calf.

The calf continued to move down the road, and his mama and siblings continued to walk right alongside him on the fenced side of the pasture.

I immediately knew this mama cow was distressed. She was watching her baby walk alongside the fence but away from where she could reach him.

She saw him walking on a dangerous area with no way to help him. She followed him. She mooed at him. Yet he couldn’t get back to her.

What a nightmare for a mother.

Eventually after a few calls to 911, the police showed up. What is truly amazing is one police officer walked out with his lights on his car, and the baby calf JUMPED over the fenced part of the pasture.

He was free.


He immediately began to nurse on his mama that so faithfully followed her lost baby.

I sobbed in this moment, because I KNEW the relief the mama had to have felt to have her baby back.

But I also knew how the calf just needed his mother, and once he saw her he galloped to her to comfort nurse.

Motherhood is universal: it doesnt matter if you are an animal or human; we all love our babies beyond measure, and will do anything for them.

A mother’s love is universal.

© 2021 Richelle Marie

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