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A Longing to Wander: My First Steps of Travelling



“Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.”

This quote makes me feel so relaxed, so at home. This quote is something I believe to live my life by. However I have actually never been travelling. I write about adventure, I pick up all the travel magazines, cut out the pictures and make collages, but I have never been travelling. Of course I have travelled before, but I have always had a house to come back to, so I think, I would always class this as a holiday. Wouldn't you?

I love to go on holiday. I love the thrill of seeing new places, trying new foods and of course immersing myself in the local culture. I love meeting people from all around the world and keeping in contact with them and watching their journey over social media. However I yearn to travel. Travelling to me is that feeling of butterflies in your stomach that you feel, when you are both excited to be in a new place, but also a little bit scared of the journey ahead. I mean, who would I meet, where would I sleep tonight and will I get a job.

This thrilling and slightly frightening idea filled my heart with excitement and wonder. I often look out of my window and ponder over the idea of just being able to wander. To wander freely, with no responsibilities. To see the world in a relaxed way, with no where to go back to and today I did just that!

With a 30 litre backpack, I scrambled to London airport where I would board my first plane on my multi-stop trip around the world. First stop would be the USA and then on to Central and South America. My parents waved me off, with slight fear in their eyes and hopefully a little bit of excitement as well. This was it! I had just finished University and couldn't be happier. Finishing with a 2:1 with honours, I was proud and even prouder to be living my dream. I couldn't stop thinking of the adventures ahead and the people I would meet. As I watched the sunset in the auburn sky, through the window on the plane, I dreamt of what could be.

"To dream would be an awfully big adventure."


I have always been a dreamer. I often dreamt of cities I’ve never been to or people I’ve never met. I have lusted over landscapes I have always wanted to see and today, this was a reality. I was setting off on my travels. I was finally a wanderer.

I wrote this post three years ago, on the plane to America and I have finally finished it today after three years of travelling. This is a huge achievement for me. From the first excitable steps onto the plane to America to three very weathered years later, I am bringing to you, all of my tips, experiences and memories. I really hope you enjoy the blogs I have in store. I wanted to write about everything that inspired me along the way, to challenges I faced. I wanted to write about the beautiful scenic views I had a chance to glance at, along with the colourful and vibrant people I met along the way. Will you join me on this crazy adventure?

Life is for living and the first steps onto that plane were the best steps I ever took. If life is not a daring adventure that fills your heart with excitement and joy, then please ask yourself, what are you living for? If you feel the need to wander or have a slight feeling of curiosity for travel, I urge you to go. You will not be disappointed. I can not guarantee you won't have to sleep on the floor some nights, or you will have to take a crazy job to get yourself some cash, but I can promise you an adventure, I can promise you memories and friendships for life and above all I can promise you a deeper love for life and a deeper understanding of mother nature's great wonders and creations.

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?