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A letter to Romeo

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A letter to Romeo

I still remember that day , like it was yesterday . I wonder why that day was so perfect . The whether was fine when we go out for a walk . We even ate nuggets and icecream , my favorite food . Side by side we walk to my cousin's house , holding hands while planning our travel tommorow . We'll be visiting your hometown which made me very excited . Here now, just talking to you about what we'll do tommorow makes my heart jumps . Finally , we came to the end of the crossing , and you asked me if I can manage to go there alone . I know you hate going there that's why you stayed in your cousin's house blocks away from where I was staying . You're still hurt somehow because beside it, was the house where we used to lived before we moved in the province . Even though I'm kinda scared , I smiled and said I can . We waved our hands while we can still see each other from the afar . Never did I know that it will be the last . Last walk , and last talk .

If I know you'd be gone , I should have hold your hand for long . I should've smiled more , and should've hug tight before we part ways in that street . I didn't even told you how much I loved you . I shouldn't have told you that I can go in my cousin's place without you . Maybe you thought I was ready to let you go .

Now it's been 14 years since you died . Life is hard, it has always been . I know I don't visit you that much , cause you hate it . When you were alive you hate those stuffs . The candles and the flower things . I wish you could see me now . I am still in the process and I am not successful . But inside my heart are the lessons I learned from you that I will treasure forever. And even though I already find a man , to cherish and to love , you will always be my favorite . I promise .

your favorite grandaughter

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