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A Note For My Friend Dru


On this day fifty one years ago I arrived at the Children’s Home where we lived. A few days later I received I received a letter from you; in which you expressed serious interest in me.

I had no intention of getting involved with you. Not because anything was wrong with you, without a doubt you were the finest girl there. But because it was 1971 Indiana and they did would not approve of you and me, as we both found out.

One day you saw me outside in the back of the boys cottage. You gave me a look that broke all my defenses, and we became a couple.

We have known each other for fifty one years, we both have always had a part of each other inside of us.

You are a special person and I am lucky to have had your friendship for all these years..

I do not have a lot of friends and that is by design. we have been friends since we were kids, and I thank you for it. Sometimes two people just have that ‘IT’. We have had it for fifty years. That kind of thing you can not erase.

Your Friend

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