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A Guide to My Village

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Shreya is very fond of a calm and peaceful environment and loves to visit her village.

What I love about the village life

I am the kind of person who loves calm and peaceful surroundings amidst nature. My village is located in Kaiserganj near Bahraich, and my grandparents live there. Since my childhood, I have spent all my vacations there, and therefore I have a special corner in my heart for the village life and people. The village life is so calm and stress-free, with the only noise that you can hear is the winds rushing past the trees and the birds chirping.

Due to my studies, I could not visit my village for a long time as I would always get stuck with work. With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world, we decided to spend the lockdown period at my village, as it was a safer and calmer place. I think this was the best decision to be made in those tough times. I know the pandemic has severely affected people and some have been devastated by it, but on the other hand, some have got time to spend with their family. I was very happy to be able to spend so much time in my village with my family and luckily there were no COVID positive cases in and around the area for us to worry about.

I have told the stories of my village to my friends but they fail to understand my unconditional fondness for my village, its people, and its life. In order to answer them all, I can say that you have to witness the village life in order to understand how I feel about it. Living in the hustles of city life, with a hectic schedule rushing past time, all of us need to spend some time to relax. Some people go on trips to relax, some of them take a break from their work, but for me, the best way to relax and calm my mind is to visit my village and get myself pampered by my grandparents. Through this article, I have tried my best to explain to you the life of my village, although I cannot make you feel what I have experienced. A major motive behind this article is that we should remain attached to our roots, that is, rural India, and support the village people and their traditional work.

My village farmhouse

I will first begin with introducing you to my village house or you can call it a farmhouse. Our farmhouse is built in the form of an ancient bungalow with five massive rooms, for the different families that live there, surrounding an open verandah, where we spend most of our afternoons chatting. The interior of the house is not so well done, as it is really old and has worn out with time. The front of the house has an intricate design carved on it, painted with light blue and yellow, giving the view of a haveli. Then there is a huge terrace area, where we usually sleep during summers, under the blanket of stars and cold air.

A day in village and its traditional food

If we talk about a day in the village, it starts and ends before that in a city. Village people wake up with the rising sun and sleep with the setting sun. I had a really disturbed sleep cycle while living in the city, but after spending so many months in the village, I improved my sleep cycle, and it has had a really positive effect on my skin and body. I used to get up at 7 in the morning and help my grandfather in feeding the cattle (it was a really good warm-up, to run after cattle). The fresh air and sunlight in the morning itself rejuvenated my soul and body from within. I have never been a morning person, but here, I would be excited to wake up early and witness the rising sun and the fresh air. Sitting in my corridors, I would see men and women going for their jobs in the fields, or heading towards the town market to get some daily need products. Children over there had the best life, all they would do was play, eat and sleep, it seemed as if their life was quite well sorted. Village people are really hardworking and determined towards their work. I have seen them shed their sweat and blood in the scorching heat to earn for their family. People living there have no stress about their future, they live in the present, whatever they have earned from a day's hard work, they spend all of it on their food and other basic needs. They live in close surroundings and are really helpful.

Let us talk about the authentic village food and the simplicity and love with which it is cooked. Not just the men, the women in the village are also very hardworking, they work in the fields and manage the household at the same time. In villages, food is cooked in earthen pots in a traditional way. Even if you are fond of junk food, you can never deny this traditional healthy food which they would serve hot. The basic "dal-rice-sabzi" would taste like the tastiest dish on the planet. They would also make some of their specialties according to the prevailing season, for example in winters, they would cook "sarso da saag" and "makke di roti". I cannot write the long list of dishes which I have had there, but I can assure you that you will definitely have a well balanced healthy diet if you live there for a few days. On some days, I would accompany my grandfather to pluck fresh vegetables from the garden. The garden was full of all the seasonal fruits and vegetables. All these fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables would draw you towards them, even if you are not a healthy food lover.

My most favorite time of the year to spend at my village is the winter season because, during winters, all of us sit around the bonfire in a circle and have barbecue nights on most days. The chill air and heat of the bonfire to comfort us forms the best combination. We often grill vegetables and cottage cheese whenever we are craving some grilled smoky food. On the other hand, during summers, the afternoons are really hot but the evenings are cool and calm. Most of the evenings are spent playing in the mango gardens and plucking raw mangoes.

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