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A Creative Story About a Leopard Print Point of View Glance of Me

Art and Design of sculpture in different forms. I have noticed that sculpture comes in many forms and names

The Leopard Print

Leopard Print

I am captivating a different level of me

I am quiet as the thunder in the sky seen with a catching bright light until negative strikes then I am more pronounced and heard.

I prowl like a cat not looking for anything to prey on but for safety.

I enjoy heights just like the cat but I do it to be closer to the stars. It makes my night feel safe.

I'm quiet as much as quiet is kept and yet that is fine with me. I was told don't cast your pearls before swine. So In my book , secrets are kept.

I would like to shine my light to the world but I am only around such a few. I have hidden treasures and some found and polished given to my secret book.

My hidden treasures are in a case shell such as a turtle, tough enough to protect and not easily enough to crack.

My silence became my darkness and yet my vulnerability of seeing someone caged up with silence like me and feeling the need to save them from it and it became a mission to achieve. Seeing the mission taking place and a shining light taking its place. I saw a bright smile upon it face. It made my heart fill with Glee and grace. This made me feel safe, needed . I set down my a shield with ease. This is someone desperately in need. This is what I precieved the situation to be, maybe it was more of them saving me than me for them. Me saving the presence of their image that I identify as a mirror of the encage me.

Helping them to find their buried treasures of strength, that their in need of a safe place, wanting to protect them and nurture their future pace for Life.

At this time , I can't be like a kitten, I need to look at my image of being soft and cuddling, but instead of an image of a kitten that stands like a lion, brave, strong and ready to conquer it all.

Conquering the fear that made it silent but also staying aware of those wanting to take my nails away from me, climbing my tree to a safe place by the light of the shining stars that are shown at night.

I am developing claws and will be able to help them all that reminds me of the encaged quiet me that will help them but it more of saving me of spreading my light to them, believing it helping them but it growing me.

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