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A Year (2018) in Review

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


This year will be gone before you know it, and goodness gracious, what a year it’s been. The end of the year is a great time to review, and take into consideration all the aspects of what you have done throughout the year. I want to do a review of 2018 to ensure I don’t take or make the same mistakes going into a New Year.

During 2018, I endured good, and hardship. I am so happy to be able to write it been a manageable year. I believe once a person learns to weigh the good and the bad, the good outweighs the bad.

As the New Year approaches, some may think what in the world was I thinking when I got with him or her to allow them to screw up my year and others could be content reminiscing of all the good time, they had with him or her throughout the year.

If you fall into the what was I thinking category you need to review for the New Year right now if you want to prevent carrying old baggage into another year, bags that will do nothing but continually making you unhappy and bring up old rubbish.

The one that falls into reminiscing of all the good times category, review any hardship and prepare to take the pleasant memories into another year, learn from the limit trials to make sure you stay happy to move forward to highlight the life you want to enjoy with your significant other for many years to come.

Some may think why did I waste my time and year working in such a crappy job in a dead-end career and others may be content, preparing for promotion and looking forward to what’s next in the New Year.

Again, let review the result and action of the person who’s thinking why did I waste my time and year working in such a crappy job in a dead-end career, you need to begin now making changes, stop wasting your time, write out the goals, searching for the career that will satisfy you and go into the New Year contemplating what you want. Put forth the action and begin enjoying your life.

The person who is content, preparing for promotion, and looking forward to what’s next in the New Year. You have an impressive start, but don’t get too content, remember the story of the hair and the turtle, make sure you don’t go into a New Year patterning your life of that fairy tale. Review the disadvantage that temporarily gave you set back and make sure you have all bases covered to continue loving what you do and growing to bigger and better things.

Some may be thing what in the world was I thinking when I style my hair that way and oh my God, why did I wear those disconnected, looking clothes all year, while others are thinking I loved the style I sported this year and the clothes were on key but, I want a new look that will bring out the even better version of myself.

The person who is thinking what in the world was I considering when I style my hair that way, and oh my God why did I wear those disconnected looking clothes. You need to start now rebuilding your image before the New Year comes. Begin by looking back over old hairstyles and appearances that brought about happiness. Then put together an updated style that will make you the person you are so destined to be.


Hello to all who loved the style they sported this year and the clothes were on key, but you want a new and improved look that will bring out the even better version of yourself. It's obvious you have excellent taste and bringing out the best version of yourself will be simple. There's a lot of new styles that will be breaking out for the New Year take the time to look through them and show off the new and improved you, I am sure the people around you will approve.

Here is a brief look back at the highlights of my Twelve months

January: I came into a New Year with various changes, one specific bad thing that happens to me consist of suffering the death of my nephew. I spend most of the month adjusting, attempting to pull myself back together and deal with such an awful transition. The start of the year brought about great sadness, I lost my nephew on January 9th, he was like a son to me. His passing threw me a loop, leaving me desperately in search of a modified life, and the way he left this world really got to me, another guy shot him over a female, taking his life.

The guy that shot my nephew was charged with "homicide - manslaughter' and "Terroristic act" because during the shooting shots went into various residences placing other lives in danger. His bond was 75,000, but what is so disturbing he was granted bail the exact same day, how was that possible. It took me a little time to find peace, but I did. I started the year off working long hours, twelve hours shift. I was better equipped to deal with different changes, toward the end of the month I begin balancing to slow down the workload and concentrate to move forward.

What also assist me in moving forward, I welcomed my two grandbabies, daughter and son-in-law back into my life. I was amazed at how big my grandbabies have grown. I spend the beginning year of their life living out of town, too busy to visit so, therefore, I miss the infant years. Now that I am able to visit and see them off and on it brings about many smiles.

February: The update of my life brought about spiritual peace, a recently found relationship with my sister, and contact with other sisters and brothers, I hadn't met before. I am so thrilled to have them in my life. With them, in my life, it is so much more pleasant. It brought about newly gathering throughout the month and year. Moreover, I am able to live a happier life.


March: I must admit, this was a hard month, my life took a temporary drive downward, thank God I had my family to assist me through this unexpected trial. I was also dealing with a sudden hurt that attempts to destroy me. Just as life was going great a person who I am assuming hate to see someone else happy because they haven't taken the time to embrace peace tried to take my lively hood.

It shook me and caught my attention, but fail to accomplish what was intended for me. It was a learning experience and I learned from it, the people who attack my life were some I would have not to expect to cross me, they meant it for my bad, instead, it turns into a blessing in disguise.

April: A game-changing month, the challenges were still coming but it did not rock me to the point where I felt helpless. It was uncomfortable, that’s expected with trials. I was home a lot, so I was able to do what I love doing, write. My family was there for me and proved that they’ve had my back and my challenges was a valuable lesson in learning to let go and entrust my God and the amazing people around me.

May: This month brought about spending enjoyable time with my family. We all got together for a big feast. The food was good and we enjoy dancing, and singing. We put on an amateur show time at the Apollo. I must admit I had the best of time and I have some talented family members; some talent came as if they would be ready to hit the big time (Hollywood) with training and the proper guidance.

June: I took my first outage in months and was able to spend time with my daughter and grandbabies, with much excitement and anticipation my son and I enjoyed them. They love Chuck E. Cheese's, we laugh, ate, they rode the rides, enjoyed playing games, took pictures, their mother supplied the funds, from all the excitement other children, came over and begged their mother to stay and join us. We shared the type of fun that will last a lifetime.

July: I felt blessed to see another birthday, my daughter and son wanted to pamper me, but I was not up for all the attention. I am still striving to bounce back from health issues. I have a good way to go, but looking forward to getting there.

August: A month where I push myself to keep going. Unfortunately, every day or month can't bring about joy or what we want out of life. This month is that period where nothing special going on, I've done much of nothing yet, I am feeling deliriously tired still with a heart full of gratitude.


September: Reminiscing back to a play I wrote for a church after being asked to write it from a woman I have high respect for and I told her "Yes" I was more than happy to do it. I wrote it in two in a half week, put together a crew in three days, complete the rehearsal after three weeks, rehearse and put it on for the first time September 23 and 24, 2016. The title of the play was, "Jesus you the center of my Joy."

The play was a big success. I receive a lot of excellent reviews. It was great, of course, NO money involved for me, I did it as a fundraiser for the church, still, it gave me great pleasure to do what I loved. I had the pleasure of working with talented people and one day when I'm in a better position, I will put my writing to even more use.

October: My grandbabies spend the day and the night with me, we watch movies, ate popcorn and enjoy laughing and stay up late that weekend night. One watch a movie with my grandbabies I never would have watched on my own stood out to be an interesting little cartoon called, "Boss baby."

The movie is directed by Tom McGrath. The cast consists of Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Steve Buscemi, and Alec Baldwin. The plot of this movie is a seven-year-old and a baby team up as a spy to battle and give the baby corporation a competitive advantage over puppies. I am not a big cartoon fan, but since I was watching, I must admit this movie is a pretty good show for people of all ages.

November: A month of nothing going on, just relaxing, taking the time to restore me and work toward an early start on preparing for a better New Year. Some people believe in a do-nothing meditation. I am not a fan of meditation, but I am a fan of reading the word (Bible) praying to God and being aware of my surroundings.

However, what I do love about the do-nothing meditation is it has a way of ensuring the people who practice it to simply regard when it’s time to doing something like let go of that which is a hinder.

December: A month where I am reviewing the year of 2018 putting forth the effort to make sure I don't carry my mistakes and downfalls into the New Year. Soul searching to rid my life of any and everything that will hinder my process moving forward. I am not where I desire so I am working on getting there. If you have not taken the time to review your 2018 and prepared for the New Year, I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and begin now. It’s your life and you have to be the person to make sure it consists of no uncertainty.

A Year (2018) in Review

© 2018 Pam Morris

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