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A Want and a Need


My desires and my needs are served on entirely separate platters. One must always remain humble as well as grateful. One must always be able to differentiate between what is wanted and what is needed. To have patience and wait for the Lord is the key to everlasting happiness and overall fulfillment.

I pray for me and I pray for you as well. I also am aware that not all of my prayers will be answered in the fashion that I see fit. There are many things that I want but most likely will never have, and that is okay with me. My deepest prayer is to watch God's will unfold before my eyes and to be an instrument of the Lord whenever possible.

I take pride in the knowledge that God has blessed me with. He has helped me to understand that my time in this world is short and temporary. I believe with all of my heart that if I do what is right in the Lord's eyes, the reward that awaits me in Heaven is beyond anything I could possibly imagine of this world. I know that if walk on the road that God chooses for me today, the streets that I walk on tomorrow will be paved with gold.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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