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A Walk Through Your Mind


I often wonder if my mind is right. If my thoughts are on the average side. I have come to realize the human mind, so complex. There are so many different types of abilities, one can accomplish or achieve. It's like how deep does is this rabbit hole we call our mind actually go. I think about life and where we go after this one. I was brought up in church and the Word was installed in me. Life is much different now way different from when I was a kid.

I remember Life as a child and it was good basically good. Now I view this world life in general on a whole nother level. It's an ugly world out there. Children today don't have a fighting chance. We are living in the biblical sense of the end. How do I know this? I know this because I see. I see the evil and it's everywhere. It scares me to death. If you're a child of God, you won't be left unattended. There is a war going on. If you can see it. You know what I'm talking about. If you don't know God's word. You are in darkness, you see nothing. You live life without even knowing what's really going on around you. I have gone through so much in my life so many crazy impossible things have happened to me. If only you could walk in my shoes, see through my eyes, take a walk through my mind.

I've seen things that are not normal. I have previewed things before they've happened. I've been warned ahead of time. Been given pieces of the puzzle. I've been followed, harassed, and stalked by demons and by people, and by people possessed by demons. Not like Exorcist possessed but a temporary pass through possession. It's like this old Denzel washington movie. For some reason I can't remember the name. Throughout this movie there's a demon that passes through people one from another by touch. How you knew it was the demon was through the song it's saying "time is on my side". Now the things I've seen these demons they work in either two ways. In the type of manner as the Denzel Washington movie. The other way in the mind. In the mind like only I see this in my mind not really manifesting in the physical but what I see, if you saw, you would believe it to be actually happening. It's like crazy people don't know they're crazy. We do not fight against flesh and blood but we fight against principalities. It's a spiritual war with Spiritual Beings. A spiritual Realm in the Physical Realm a battle of the Mind. I've come to figure out these negative entities, or this negative energy wants us to fail. I understand why they let me see them. Why I have been able to see them operate. I've washed them on a couple occasions from the Viewpoint of the outside looking in. As an observer. There's a few different ways they try to ruin you. Number one if you don't catch on to their tricks, they will manipulate your reality to make you go crazy. They will set things up for you to see to doubt yourself. If they can't make you go crazy they will try to set you up some other way. They will set up who scenarios. They plot and plan and line up the perfect setup. They will have you believing someone is trying to kill you. They will convince you of this. They want you crazy, they want you dead or they want you in prison for the rest of your life. There was a time I could say what was happening was physical. After the fact looking back I believed it to be in my mind. Then when people I know around me would start experiencing very similar things. Finding themselves in the same situations. There is evil. I know I'm not crazy. I've done my research. I took a walk through my mind. I've experienced the dark side of it all. I've experienced the beautiful bright side as well. The beauty of this battle though is we've already won, we just have to live it through to catch up at the end.

The human mind is amazing. The possibilities endless. The heights that can be reached, or the depths thereof, depends where you take it. There are two types of people. It's a believer and the non-believer. If you are a Believer but your path is not straight, you might find yourself where I use to be. In the wilderness of your mind.

Follow the voice in your head the good one not the bad. The one that encourages only the positive. I don't believe in crazy. I believe in spiritual. We already won.

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