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A Tribute To Stan Lee

Stan Lee. Dec 28, 1922 - Nov 12, 2018


Honoring Stan Lee.

Stan Lee had become the greatest superhero the world had ever known. So many heroes he created on and off the pages of comics. He inspired me in creating a hero of my own design. He helped me see the hero within me when times in my life were hard. I wish I would've of met him just once but, sadly the time will never come, and so with that, all I have to say is thankyou Stan Lee for all you have done for all of us.

Remembering Stan Lee.

Although I have never met the guy, it would have been a great thing to have met him. I myself am trying to learn to become a great writer and he was one of the main inspirations.

I had always thought of how great it would be to design an entire universe in your own image. When the people called Stan Lee a pioneer of the Marvel Universe they were totally right. He was a pioneer and traveler of his own universe.

So, yeah with all of that being said, it just goes to show that if you truly believe in something there are no walls holding you back. In most cases the only thing holding you back is you. I know It's lame of me to say this but, Stan Lee encouraged me to believe I can do anything through all of the comic and stories I read. For someone to do that takes an exceptional person such as Stan Lee. My greatest hope is when I complete my story I can provide the same inspiration to fellow writers.


What Would You Ask Stan Lee If You Could?

I would ask him if he ever saw the moment in life where a simple idea become the greatest story ever told.

I would ask him if he could tell me what his favorite marvel character was.

I' would then ask him what his favorite movie in the marvel universe and what his favorite movie was outside of the Marvel Universe.

As we talked I would want to ask him his advice about my story and where I can improve and once it published I would give him a copy and tell him I did it, I made my story. I know he would probably tell me that this was just the beginning of my journey to becoming a great writer and then wish me luck.

The last question I would ask him would be if there was ever a time when he was afraid of what people would say or think of what he wrote or said. Did there ever come a time when he wanted to give up if so, how did he overcome it.

A Letter to Stan Lee and My Last Words

Dear Stan Lee,

First of all Stan Lee, thank you for everything you did. You brought such inspiration to all of us and I know I never had a chance to meet you but, it would have been a true honor.

Of all the Charactors you created, Spider-Man was my favorite. He was just as inspiring as you were in every way possible.

Although you're no longer around I hope that your legacy continues to grow with newer heroes evolving in the Marvel Universe and I look forward to your future films and series.

You brought us so much hope through you stories for all of us across the world and I know your no longer with us but, I ahve faith that you will continue to inspire others as your heroes will inspire newer heroes in the Marvel universe and in turn inspire the next generation of people who will replace us in time.

You opened the doors to several creators who shared the same dreams as yours. It is because of you that new heroes are being being born with new powers and abilities. Some of the powers are the same but, all in all we, the people, watch as heroes slowly come into the Marvel Universe and grow with time. I'm sorry you'll never get to read about my Scarlet Knight but, I can't wait to watch him grow in my own little story.

Well anyways, wherever you are I hope you're in paradise and still creating different worlds and expanding your universe. You will be missed in your passing and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything and thanks for your time while it lasted. You showed us an amazing universe and quite a journey.

Goodbye Stan Lee, again thanks for everything.


I. White


Final Thoughts

I know this was a really weird blog but, I am still learning to be a better blogger and writer and this was a last minute blog that I wanted to be put down before I forgot what I wanted to say. I didn't say much but, the point I was trying to make was Stan Lee was an inspiration to me and a bit of a hero to me and so I did my best to honor him. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my blog.

I. White

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