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A Stubborn Soul Purpose

A new idea has crossed my mind, one that I have never considered before. What if I have always had the solutions to all of my problems? What if I subconsciously create chaos in my life and set up the hurdles that I try so hard to jump over each and every day? Could I really be so against myself? As a human being, I naturally want to be successful in everything that I do. But today it occurred to me that maybe the problem with that is that we are not supposed to find success in everything, or even be good at it for that matter. I strongly believe that we all have a soul purpose, something that we are all supposed to discover and ultimately achieve before our time runs out. Now with that being said, is it possible that there is in fact a part of us that already knows what it is we are here for and that said part of us is so adamant on us achieving it that it is not willing to let us thrive or prosper at anything else we do? Perhaps it fears that if we find success in something else, it would stop us from continuing to explore and going through the list of natural talents that we all must consider in order to find our own. I am not saying that we are all maliciously against ourselves, I am simply proposing the idea that we all truly have a purpose and that our subconscious is willing to do whatever it takes to help us achieve it. What do you think?


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