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A Renewed Mind

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As I am laying in bed thinking on the things of God and feeling my aches and pains .. Knowing this does not have to be this way that I can be free of aches and pains .. I got to thinking about how to think heavenly. Conscientious thinking. "Fully aware of and able to control" kind of thinking. I have tasted heavenly thinking and I know it has been made available to us here on earth. Heavenly thinking is not like we think here on earth. Here, our thoughts are carried away with every single word we hear. Sometimes, our thoughts are meditative and sometimes fleeting. But, every word brings thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts are good and sometimes not. Our thoughts develop within us emotions. And emotions develop into feelings. And feelings can and will produce thoughts. When our thoughts are producing bad feelings and our bad feelings are producing bad thoughts, it can become a redundant and vicious cycle. When we are taught at a young age that we are broke, we have very little money, we cannot afford this, we cannot afford that, money does not grow on trees, we are not made of money, etc. This begins to develop a stronghold that will last this child throughout their adulthood. UNLESS, this child is able to THINK prosperous thoughts in spite of the constant reminder "we are broke". This stronghold of lack will follow this child well into adulthood. If this stronghold is foundational in our lives, the only hope we have is what God Himself has promised us. That we must renew our minds. God's good and acceptable and perfect will is NOT that we should be lacking .. IN ANYTHING. So, how do we get transformed and our minds renewed?

When I was blessed (for just a couple of minutes) to think heavenly thoughts, it was refreshing. When we are thinking heavenly, we are unable to even THINK "lack". It has no place in heavenly thinking. Heavenly thinking really isn’t even thinking (not as we think here on earth). It is an automatic response to what is "complete" and "right". It is a constant conscientiousness that agrees and says “this is right". It is impossible to have any sort of thought or awareness of being in lack, or broke, sick, without, unable, deficient, insufficient, wrong, etc. Those kind of worldly thoughts are not AVAILABLE to us with heavenly thoughts. (Though I want to use the word “perfect” as a description, I hesitate to use the word here because this word has been abused and mistreated and distorted in meaning. So, I will stick with "all is right in my life" as a description to give you an idea of what a heavenly thought process is like.) All thoughts and awareness are productive and meaningful and purposeful, in the heavenly realm. In a productive and complete manner.

So, how do we achieve this kind of thinking here on earth? In this world of lack and fault? What does God mean when He says .. "by the renewing of your mind"? This is what I believe He is saying .. Talk back to those redundant and harmful thoughts. Tell those thoughts they have no place in your life. Defend your rights to more heavenly thoughts. And when you have a victory, tell your flesh and tell the devil, "I told you so!". Have you ever noticed how Donald Trump builds himself up and how he calls out the lies and names the liars and those that come against him?

I know that people think his mouth is his biggest problem. But, to me, his mouth is his biggest asset. When the media is lying about him, he calls them out on it. He does not ignore it and let it go. And he constantly reminds us that the media is unfair and fake news. You know why? Because if you continue to listen to the media and Donald Trump does not defend himself against their criticisms of him, then you will eventually believe the media. The media is the first word you heard and the last word you heard. It is human nature to believe that which we hear over and over (faith cometh by hearing and hearing the Word of God). Donald Trump knows this (whether consciously or unconsciously I do not know) and he makes sure that the media is not the first and last thing that you are hearing about him. He makes sure that you hear his side too. And know what? He is gaining in popularity because of this. His ratings are going up. Because he does not allow the media to have the last word. No successful person will allow the opposition or enemy to have the last word over their situation. Ever. Have you ever heard one side of a story and believed that version only to hear another side to the same story that changed your mind? It is the same with renewing our minds. We have to defend ourselves against our own worldly thoughts (stinking thinking). And we cannot battle worldly thoughts with heavenly thoughts, alone. We have to voice our successes out loud to ourselves, while we are thanking God for them. We have to tell our flesh and the devil "I told you so!". When a thought comes along that says "we cannot afford that" then we must counter out loud with "my God shall supply all my needs". We cannot let our fleshly thinking or the devil have the last word! And eventually, we do not just speak healing or prosperity or goodness, we begin to experience the fruits of our words. We begin to think more heavenly thoughts and less worldly thoughts. We begin to actually BELIEVE with every fiber of our being that we are meant to succeed! This is great faith. Submit to God (speak the promises of God!) and after the even tiniest of victories, resist the devil (tell him that you knew God would take care of this! I told you so devil!). And always, ALWAYS listen out for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. If you are serious about thinking heavenly thoughts, making the Word of God a priority in your life, then He will help you in every way. He will correct those worldly thoughts and help you think as He thinks which is heavenly. He does not admonish us in our worldly thinking but He will help you with replacement therapy in your thought life. When you are thinking "I cannot say that or do this" the Holy Spirit will not rebuke you or reprimand you on the worldly thought, instead He immediately corrects our thinking or reminds us that "I can do all things through Christ". The Holy Spirit, He is our reminder of what God has said and that is final.

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