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A Piece Inspired by Two Quotes– One Favorite and One Not

Pic: Follow Your Heart

Pic: Follow Your Heart

This write-up is inspired by two quotes, one of which is a favorite, and the other is not. I explain why one quote is not so well-liked by me and is not convenient for me. I gradually proceed to better insights, reflecting on a beneficial and much more favorite quote.

Not So Favorite Quote

You are what you think! What you feed your mind is what you become. So, you'd better make sure those thoughts and ideas are nourishing positivity. Being careful of what you think and say is like being careful of what you eat. When you start to have a thought that is not good, then disregard it. Bad thoughts will just bring negative experiences into your life.

— Vixa Wellness

There is nothing wrong with this quote. I think it is quite authentic. In my opinion, though, the mind alone doesn’t let you become who you are. There are always other factors, such as friends with whom you spend time, your relationship with your parents, the culture you are born and brought up in, your teachers at school, the books you read, and the places you visit, etc. Besides, it is not easy to dwell on positive thoughts all the time.

Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones seems like a lot of work. The harder I think, the greyer hair I have. It’s easy to say to inject positivity into your life although positive thoughts by themselves may not be the solution to your problems. On the other hand, it is easier to think in negative terms and fall into a negative spiral. I have been there many times but am lucky to recover each time.

I try to pray five times a day and recite the Holy Book from time to time. That is why I think I am close to God, and He helps me each time.

What I don’t like about the quote is that it talks about keeping your thoughts positive because negative thoughts bring negative experiences. Keeping your thoughts positive, I think, requires a lot of effort, is time-consuming, and makes your hair grow old fast.

Pic: Rely on Your Heart to Make Choices

Pic: Rely on Your Heart to Make Choices

I think there is an easier and better way. That is to rely on your heart and gut instinct.

A Favorite Quote

When the heart speaks, the mind finds it indecent to object.

— Milan Kundera

Your gut instinct gives you a good or bad feeling about something you want to do. Going with the good feeling helps. There are countless times I have relied on my gut instinct to make a choice and felt good about it afterward. There is no question of mind here. Another organ, as I have mentioned, to rely on is the heart.

One day recently, for instance, Mom was out, and I was working on my laptop. As soon as it struck 1 p.m., my gut instinct told me to stop because Mom would be back soon, and I would have to attend the door. So, I shut down my computer. I barely kept it in its rightful place when there was a doorbell ring, and in came Mom. I was right to rely on my gut instinct.

For most of the exams I appeared in my life, irrespective of whether they were easy or difficult, I followed my gut instinct to answer questions and poured my heart over them. That way, I always remained at the top of the class.

Also, nowadays, when I create a fiction story or write a memoir or personal essay, I follow my heart and gut instinct. I spill words into my writing accordingly so that fellow writers have an enjoyable read.

As another example, I have been on a quest about what may be wise doing the rest of my life. I love writing. On the other hand, I am educated and earned degrees in the field of Computer Science. I have a lot of expertise in the latter, and I have a lot of teaching experience too.

I have been dwelling on the question when I stumbled upon a self-help author’s advice, “Listen, you must find two things in life that you are passionate about. And get skilled in them. One will be your major career, and the other will be a side hustle. Making your skillset rich leads you to a worry-free and fully abundant life."

When I read this advice, my heart was the first to respond. It was in full agreement and alignment with what I just read.

Since I already have expertise in Computer Science, I can continue with a career or go for an even higher education degree. I can also retain my passion for writing and monetize it in a side hustle. That way, my life would be rich and full of love, happiness, and wealth.

Taking baby steps towards my newly found goal, I can detach myself from negative thoughts and ill vibes. Just because my gut instinct and my heart paved me the way, I feel confident now, and I feel, yes, I can make it.

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