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A Person Wearing a Smile and Acting Nice Can Rule the World

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

By Special Researching and Study

I hit on something. Just one thing. But that "one" thing that I hit could help you, me, or anyone who knows how to use the "one thing" that I will tell you about in a minute, could rule the world! And no help from the likes of Adolph and his BFF, Mussolini. You could be a powerful ruler of any large corporation or even call the shots at some large MLB team such as the Yankees and all without an ounce of manual labor or going to college.

You may laugh at me if you like and I feel so empowered right now that I wouldn't care. It last about 9 pm. last night when I had concluded my search about "Getting What You Want Without Hurting Anyone or Costing Anything." I was on the verge of just quitting my several hours of searching about this topic and you know how it works. You look into the air and let us a disgust and the next time your finger hits the "Enter" key, there it is in all of its glory--the and I do mean THE answer to what mankind has labored and sacrificed for and fell way short.

But in about ten minutes I was looking at this one document and before I finished reading the sources, writers' names, and other important things, I was almost squealing with a loud cry of joy. I would have been glad to do cry, squeal, and click my heels in a perfect Fred Astaire fashion, but my wife was busy working in her floral shop and I didn't want her to hear my yelling. She is very conservative.

Look! The person with that warm smile is able to give happiness to those around them.

Look! The person with that warm smile is able to give happiness to those around them.

Before I Get Into Broad Detail

telling you about my discovery, let me set the stage. You are sitting in a famous chain-restaurant and you are so hungry that you could eat the upholstery off of the booth where you are sitting. Your waitress finally makes the scene by showing up at your table and in nothing flat, you give her your order, a very simple food item: Grilled Cheese with Sweet Tea, and she scoots off to have the kitchen staff to prepare your order.

Tic . . .Toc . . . (the actual sound of time slowly going by).

Just then, your waitress, I think her name was "Julie," is walking right toward your booth. You and your empty stomach are very happy. But "Julie" just winked at you underneath the two serving trays stacked with great-smelling steak, bread and even an apple pie and she just passes you by. It's a miracle that she didn't hear your crest that fell like a stone in the river.

"Julie" runs by you once more, smiles, and winks on her way to the kitchen. Right about now, there is such a selection of frustrated thoughts running through your mind and these thoughts are not all nice, but evil and very angry at you having to wait for so long to get such an easy, simple food item to make, but you just sit there. Oh, you thought about saying something to "Julie," but you were afraid that you might lose your self-control.

Tic. . .Toc . . .(by now, you could have went to the kitchen, made your grilled cheese and ate it at the time you are waiting on "Julie").

There are Strange Things in Life

but on this occasion, you ordering probably the easiest, quickest thing to order on the restaurant's menu and now it is going on an hour and a half since you talked to "Julie." More angry thoughts fill your mind and you are tempted to just leave. You almost talk yourself into this notion, but then you think that your mom didn't raise you for this kind of public behavior.

Then your eyes see a sight that only your could appreciate: "Julie" is walking briskly back from the kitchen and from the looks of what is in her hands, is YOUR order! You straighten your tie, clear your throat and prepare your mouth to partake in the first food that you have seen since 6 am., when you arose and went into work early. But now, all of your worries and awful thoughts are gone. In a second, you will be enjoying your favorite food item: Grilled Cheese and Sweet Tea. The reason that I repeated your item is because I wanted to prove to "Julie" that what is about to happen was not planned in any way to embarrass you, the poor, hungry man who is at his wit's end.

"Julie": "Ahhh, here you are, darling. Creel Geese and Black Eyed Peas. Enjoy!" Then she winks at you and starts to leave.

You: "What is this? I didn't order any Geese or Peas! I have been sitting here for over an hour and a half and I know that the numerous diners in this cafe are eating to their heart's content and me? I am to try to understand some hokey order that a prisoner on Death Row wouldn't eat! Can you go and get the manager?" Your eyes are like lasers cutting "Julie" smack dab into.

"Julie": (holding back the tears) "I am, (gulp, sob) sorry, and I uhh, apologize (gulp), so I will take your order back and get the chef to tell me that something was wrong. Be back in a minute, sweetie," "Julie" darts off with that poor excuse for a meal and your blood pressure is peaking into the Danger Zone (Please. No singing here by Kenny Loggins. This poor guy is ready to hit the floor with a cardiac arrest).

Did This Short Skit

show you anything? I mean, all of the ingredients were in the body of the text--anger, glaring eyes, evil thoughts, impatience and hunger. Would you like for me to reveal the answer in how that the poor, hungry guy could have relaxed and enjoyed his Corrected order of Grilled Cheese and Sweet Tea and the food and service was so good that he would have left poor, hard-working "Julie" a $50-dollar tip.

All, and I do mean, All, of the aforementioned emotions and energy that the poor guy wasted could have been prevented if . . .he had, (upon noticing that his order was wrong) smiled like a wild jackass eating bitter weed.

That is right, friends. If this guy had just politely said, (after he smiled so much at "Julie") "Oh, look here. I think that this order that I just gave you is wrong, but I am not blaming you, young woman. I just don't eat Spilled Geese or Black Eye's Peas. . .no offense, but I just wanted a Grilled Cheese and Sweet Tea just like my mother made me when we lived in Savannah."

"Julie" would have brought you all the Grilled Cheese and Sweet Tea that you could eat all because you Smiled at her and showed her someone who was Nice. Easy as that. No Master's Degree, Under-Graduate Work. Just using two of the emotions that God Himself created. Smiling and Showing Respect. But the key thing: a Wide Smile.

You Think That I am Fooling?

I will be glad for you to read this simple test and you do it to the letter and write to me about how my Smiling Wisdom worked for you. I promise. I will read your comments at the end of this story.

If you have a large department store in your hometown, I urge you to head there right now. You will see why in a few minutes.

Spend around $20-dollars on some item, pay for the purchase, and then in a day or so, head back to the store and take the item along with your sales receipt and tell the Service Desk employee who asks if they can help you, that you are not happy with your purchase. But the rub is: do NOT frown or have an angry look about your face. Just show that warm, caring smile that beams so high that you could rent it for tugboats who need a signal light to get home. And when the store employee brings back an item just like the one whom you said that you were not happy, continue to smile.

Throw in a few affirmations that your not blaming the store or the employees and continue to smile between each thing that rolls from your mouth. This is the Power of The Smile: that one employee will take that one item back to the shelf and all without any complaint or signs of disgust. Then, accept the item on the employee's 12th exchange and smile even more. Thank the employee and even yell, hoo-ray! Then before you leave, hand the employee a $20-dollar bill and say that you want to buy the employee their lunch.

All because YOU learned the Value of a Beaming Smile.

Another Test That You Might Try

is almost the same as the one above, but with more fun. Walk along a sidewalk in your hometown or go back to the department store where you proved what your smile can do for you, and find two guys or two girls who are arguing--it doesn't matter what they are arguing about.

Excuse yourself for stopping by, throw that large smile to the couple and in a soft tone, say, "you know something? Life is too short to argue about anyone or anything. I am not here to judge, but to create a peaceful atmosphere between you two and try doing the same thing the next time you see people who are disagreeing. I promise. You will feel better. Have a great day," and leave.

The two guys or girls will stand in shock because they are not accustomed to seeing a smile in today's selfish society. People today, for the most part, are out for themselves and no one else. And to give some stranger some help or let them go ahead of you at the fast food restaurant is unheard of. But you do not let the acidity of today's gruesome-looking faces cause you to be any different but Nice and wear a Huge Smile when you get up each day.

But Kenneth, You Say

I feel really ill today and I do not feel like being nice or smiling. Well, you have a choice. Add yourself to the "walking sad" who will meet you head-on in this day, but even if you do not feel well and you have a head cold and will not be contagious, power through the sniffles, smile and head to work. And if possible, make yourself be nice to your grumpy co-workers and smile even while you take care of clients who are hard to please. When you have mastered the Smile and Be Nice Formula, on a day like this one, you might add, "Hey, I look as sinus trouble as a way to get to know my doctor better." The people around you will be amazed.

"What an outstanding attitude," they will say. And they should. There is way more that one smile and one nice act can do as opposed to three negative acts and two frowns. Read the following and you will understand.

A Big Smile and a Nice Act

Can . . .

  • cause a person whom you were distracted and let your shopping cart bump into his SUV, start a string of awful cursing at you . . .but with a Big Smile and a Nice Attitude, the wind will be quickly put out of their sails. it takes two people to argue, but one who will say, "you were right. I was wrong."
  • make the meanest person upon encountering a person who wears a big smile and offers them every courtesy turn and wonder, how do I get one of those smiles?
  • turn one person's rainy day turn into sunshine if they see you with a big smile and allowing them to go through a business first. Courtesy has NOT been put out of style.
  • touch the heart of a bully quicker than any police officer could due to the person who owns a big smile is so free of heart and spirit, even the best of people can feel a twinge of envy.

So These Closing Remarks

are like the largest percentage of this piece: serious. I too am at times, very serious. But I also like to smile when I see a stranger at some store in my hometown. No, I don't intrude into the person's business, but I do offer a warm greeting and ask how things are going. You know. Just making a stoic-faced person see one glimmer of sunshine through the smile that I have learned how to wear.

Should I say more?

May 9, 2018 _________________________________________________

Does this guy prove the point that I tried to make in this hub? This cool guy is wearing a huge smile and for no reason. But the girl at his back is staring at him for she hasn't seen a warm smile such as the one he's wearing.

Does this guy prove the point that I tried to make in this hub? This cool guy is wearing a huge smile and for no reason. But the girl at his back is staring at him for she hasn't seen a warm smile such as the one he's wearing.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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