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A Love Letter To My Mother

Dear Mom,

There is so much I want to say, but honestly, I do not know where to begin, you have gone through so much in years. From the death of a first husband when you were so young and meeting your second who gave all of us wonderful years. Many of us know there is always good and bad when you are being raised as a child, but I would have to say you did an excellent job with raising all of us. When you met your third husband after a divorce I do have to say that I have had the honor of having not one, not two but three wonderful men who I was always proud to call dad. People would say that being married that many times are dysfunctional but to me, I believe that people sometimes outgrow one another. You and your second husband remained close friends until his passing last year. Yes, you had your ups and downs but for someone reason, maybe it was due to the youngest siblings but you managed to forgive and forget all that both of you ever disagreed on.

When I was young I remember you bandaging my knees and kissing my boo-boo. You taught all of us how to be little ladies you certainly did not wish for us to act like spoiled little brats! We learned manners, how to sit and when to keep our skirts down. I remember hanging from a tree in tights and a dress, boy you certainly spanked my bottom, as you know I never did that again. Spankings were allowed when we were growing up and it hasn't seemed to harm me in any way, it certainly did not make me cold or bitter a spanking here and there, it made me respect your point and now I realize what a hard head I was, but mom that is another discussion. I would love it when Santa would come he was such a wonderful Santa and I was in awe that he brought us new pajamas and slippers every Christmas, I always thought that the other kids did something naughty because nobody else in the neighborhood had gotten new PJ's and slippers but us.

As I type this tears well up in my eyes because I know that now you are going through so much pain fighting cancer is hard, you not only have one type but you have four types of cancer. I am so happy that the brain is in remission, and I pray that the lung is too. I am thankful that the breast has not spread and I hope they remove cancer in the colon, sometimes I just go upstairs and cry but I know you are a fighter, I know that God has a plan for you and I pray that he does not take you anytime soon, of course all of us know that we do have a pessimistic sister but hey, I have always been the optimist and truly I try to find good in everyone, even when they upset me or break my heart. I have gotten that from you, people may say that you are naive', but what I believe is that you have given me a gift, it has been a beautiful gift, how many people can say that their heart is so giving? You have given me the gift of being creative, strength, and belief in myself. You see mom although we may not have always met eye to eye on certain things you supported me regardless if I was wrong. You gave me wings to fly when I was young and pushed me out of the nest, the love you had when we hit the ground was the most unconditional love any mother could give. You let me back into the nest to gather my feathers and let me fly again until I was able to fly on my own.

There have been times recently when I have been snippy it is because I can only hope that you will be around for a long, long time. Besides my husband, you are my heart, my soul, my everything. I know I am like a mother looking after her child with you, but I knew from the time I was small that I would someday take care of you. I could not imagine living life without you, and when that day comes I have to understand that you will not be far away but will always remember that my heart is your heart I will always remember you carried me. There are so many more stories that I could write about, but you know that they are wonderful memories forever etched in my heart and locked in a precious box in my mind and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes.

I love you for so many reasons,

I love you because you taught me respect,

I love you because you did not ever neglect,

I love you because you allowed us to be children

I love you because you disciplined us with love,

I love you because you taught me how to bake,

I love you because you taught me how to cook,

I love you because even when I failed you never gave up,

I love you because you make me smile,

I love you because you love unconditionally,

I love you because you never placed any conditions on me,

I love you because you believed in me,

I love you because through any sorrow you are my sunshine,

I love you for so many other reasons and these are only a few, but I love you simply because you are only you! Not only on any special day but I will love you forever and always!

Nat King Cole " Sentimental Reasons" You must click on the pic to complete the song

© 2010 Julianna