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A Little Kindness

Paul has an enthusiasm for exploring the world of spiritual well being which he wishes to share in all that he writes.


A cheerful look brings joy to the heart, and good news gives health to the bones."

- Proverbs 15:30 NIV

Small Kindness

A cheerful look does not seem to be very big thing. But as small an act that it is, it has a power that can lead to bigger and perhaps even greater things, one of which is having a joyous heart. A cheerful look is a simple expression of kindness. Like compassion and forgiveness, kindness is a manifestation of the divine love which lies within us. It is the love that is of the higher powers; it is the love that is of God. We increase the love in the world, and we do God's work, whenever we are being kind. And whether we are being kind or have some kindness being directed our way or are merely witnessing it, we are touched by it. And it can all begin with something as small as a cheerful look.

Small Miracles

Kindness belongs to the world of the miraculous. And although, it does not always appear to be so, the world of the miraculous is part of our own. We uncover more of this realm of miracles whenever we are being kind. And in this light, a kind word, a pleasant gesture, and, of course, a cheerful look can together become a power in this world. And with this power, we can create small miracles. And we are forever thankful for our ability to do so.

Kindness changes things. A cheerful look early on can create a cheerful attitude, changing a person's outlook for the day ahead. Kind words and friendly gestures can add a little enthusiasm for what would otherwise be a mundane task or circumstance. With kindness cooler heads and warmer hearts prevail, diffusing what could be some potentially tense situations. Kindness causes a good feeling in all who are touched by it.

Kindness can have a healing effect. It not only makes us feel good, it can help us to feel better. It can soothe an aching heart and comfort a troubled soul. A little kindness may be able to diminish some of the not so good feelings associated with old wounds and feuds. It can help us let go of grudges, lightening our loads. The weight disappears and is replaced by joy which is a wellness that is truly contagious.

Kindness is an increasing power. It expands as it spreads through the world, affecting all who witness it, creating joyous hearts all around. At the same time, being kind in these small ways allows opportunities to arise for being kind in even bigger ways. And it all begins with a cheerful look.



A Little Patience

All this talk about kindness is very inspiring but like many things that are good, being kind is not always easy. This can be especially true for those we interact with most frequently. Family members, coworkers, and friends may be among those who we sometimes are prone or predisposed to be unkind with. We may have occasional or ongoing disagreements with some, and we may be at odds with others concerning how things should be done. We may be on a different page than others when it comes to ways that we conduct ourselves through life. We sometimes create scenarios based on unkind thoughts for how we will deal with these people before we encounter them. It may now be time for a little patience.

Patience is listening. Patience is thinking before speaking. Patience is understanding that we all have different concerns and ideas. Patience is developing thoughtful and positive attitudes, believing that any encounter can have a cheerful outcome. We do not always need to agree with someone in order to show kindness toward them. Patience is practicing small kindness whenever, wherever, and always. And patience is trusting in the love that is at the source of all this.

Good News

Love is the good news and it fills us to the marrow. Our bones can be looked at as our essence, our very beings. The good news is that the love is there and it radiates outward. It enters the world as kindness, compassion, understanding and more. We feel health in our bones when we let the love flow. We let the love flow when we are being patient and when we are being kind.

The good news is that there is no limit to love that flows. There is no limit to the love that can exist in the world and in the hearts of all. There is no limit to the ability of love to transform and heal the world, and its ability to increase all that is good in it. We feel this in our bones and we feel it in our hearts. It feels like joy.


Author's Note

This article represents my own ideas concerning the above Biblical passage. It is not intended to contradict any other views or any beliefs that may be based on them.

© 2020 Paul K Francis


Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on June 04, 2020:

Thanks manatita, for taking the time to read and comment once again, and feel free to stop by anytime. Have a great day.

manatita44 from london on June 04, 2020:

Kindness begets kindness. This is just how the Law works. Again, if we seem to see no returns, then the virtue of patience practiced, can become handy.

True, one should love without expectation, for without this, there's no peace. But the seemingly small virtues, such as you have covered, are an invaluable tool to inner progress and outer prosperity. Much Love.

P.S Forgive my nature for being here a third time. Somehow I home in on this beautiful piece. I'll do better next time. Lol.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on March 20, 2020:

Thank you manatita44 for revisiting my hub and for your kind words. Have a great day.

manatita44 from london on March 19, 2020:

What a beautiful and loving Hub! Written so well and with much compassion. Visited a second time.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on February 10, 2020:

Good day, manatita44. Thank you for your kind a encouraging words. You are right; cheerfulness and empathy do pave the way. Thanks for reading and commenting.

manatita44 from london on February 09, 2020:

I love your titles and this piece on Love, kindness and patience, is very soothing. Carry on and welcome here.

Yes, cheerfulness, smiles and empathy, all pave the way for … indeed are qualities of a joyful Heart.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on January 20, 2020:

You are absolutely correct, Chris. Underestimated forces, they are. Thanks for commenting and have a great day.

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on January 19, 2020:

Love and kindness are underestimated forces in our world. Thank you for emphasizing it in this hub.

Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on January 05, 2020:

Thank you Ioannis. I am humbled by your kind words. Keep your light shining and your love flowing. Have a great day and a happy new year.

Ioannis Arvanitis from Greece, Almyros on January 05, 2020:

An exceptional piece of Love, my dear brother! Absolutely amazing! This is a text I will share with my students because it is a map of a great treasure! The treasure of finding the Truth within! Thank you for the Light of your luminous Heart! God bless your New Year!

I am happy because this exact New Year has one extra day for Love!


Paul K Francis (author) from east coast,USA on January 04, 2020:

Good morning Mr. Happy. Thanks for reading and commenting. The key words here are 'little' and 'small' because that is how it begins. I believe that practicing small kindness and having a little patience can lead to bigger things and better days. Thanks again and I hope you have many loving and happy days in the year to come.

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on January 03, 2020:

"good news gives health to the bones" - That's why I "hate giving bad news to good people" (I heard that somewhere and I agree lol).

"being kind is bot always easy" - You have a typo here. You meant to press "n" and "b" came out. They're next to each other and it happens to the best of us. Nonetheless, I full agree. It's not always easy to be kind. Especially when someone's being a dick. We have to try though. Or, I have to try. Haha!!

"And patience is trusting in the love that is at the source of all this." - I agree with both your paragraphs which end with this sentence but this sentence has zero meaning for me. The Source of This cannot be love. Aside rodents, humans are the only specie of animals which kills their own as much as we do. Love You said? No, this is not love. Atrocities cannot come out of love. Bloodshed does not come out of love.

But yes, I do not have patience. If You have some extra, please send a little my way because how many bloody thousands of years do we still need in order to behave properly? To respect one another. To accept one another for who we are. How many more prophets, religions, children's stories, or laws do we need to stop acting like donkies, in selfish and greedy manners? How many more thousands of years? That is my question.

Haha!! At this point You might think: "Hmm, this Mr. Happy doesn't seem so happy." But it's cool. I am thouroughly happy to be able to talk about this, to be able to read your piece of writing and to ask humans to do better. Nothing personal obviously. I am speaking in general terms.

Your message is very important though: we should all try to be a little more kind, compassionate, understanding, accepting and loving. It certainly wouldn't hurt.

God bless and all the best for 2020!

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