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A Father’s Day Prayer for My Son

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A Father's Day Prayer for My son

A Father's Day Prayer for My son

The idea of a tribute to a father on Father’s Day hit the spot where writing adventures begin. It seemed easy enough to find six worthy titles, using words beginning with each letter in FATHER.

F- Father (That’s a given.)

A- Angel (Michael and Gabriel are names of two angels universally recognized as males, so why cannot a good father be a human angel?)

T- Teacher (who shares the role of first co-teacher)

H- Husband (the children’s first reference to that title and role)

E- Example (whom the children seriously watch, as they also watch their mother, to do what the parents do more than what they say)

R- Resource (being perceived as he who has, or can get, everything the children desire)

The real challenge was to be authentic in writing the tribute. I’ve never had a father or father figure who was truly mine, and I didn't want a generic tribute. But I have a son who is a father, and praying is a familiar exercise. So, here’s my motherly, prayerful tribute to fathers, each of whom is someone’s son. Whether the father is a young man at the start of the journey, or an older dad with adult children, he is covered in this prayer.

The Prayer

Lord, You’ve made my son, a FATHER
And You do no such things by chance.
You’ve prepared him for this journey,
Sometimes a drill, sometimes a dance.
Please help him keep in step with You,
And even when the path be dim,
May he follow Your direction
And all his children follow him.

Let him be a human ANGEL
Messaging Your wise instructions,
From Your House to his house, to help
Shape his family’s convictions.
As they pray on home-built altars
About life’s ventures good and bad,
May the children gladly praise You
For giving them a wise, strong Dad.

Let Dad be a human angel.

Let Dad be a human angel.

And since he is their first TEACHER
On riding bikes and video games,
Remind him that there’s also fun
In memorizing Bible names.
Make him a story-teller ‘bout
Beautiful young girls like Esther
And brave handsome boys like David
To help him teach good character.

May he be the kind of HUSBAND
Whom his daughter wants to marry,
Let his son watch and learn from him
How to make his own bride happy.
May his children’s mother love him
For understanding her emotions,
For keeping her soul, mind and body
Satisfied with his affections.

May his children's mother love him.

May his children's mother love him.

Please make him a true EXAMPLE
Of what a godly dad should be,
Matching his words and his actions
And avoiding hypocrisy.
Make him a gentleman who can
To his wife and his children say
“Do as I do. Stand for the right
And let’s persevere come what may.”

Lord, make him their human RESOURCE—
Of faith, hope, wisdom, grace and love,
Integrity and forgiveness
Supplied by his Father above.
Bless him with wealth and influence too,
So he may have enough to give
Most of what his family wants
And all they need to really live.

Please give this Dad Your protection
From life's perils of every level;
Guard his family from pandemics;
Make good health their fixed apparel.
And may I ask one blessing more,
That Your strength, as the strength of ten,
Will uphold this Dad with Your right hand
In Jesus’ precious name. Amen.

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