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A Diary Entry: The Tree

Shaba, a single mom of two, is a teacher of 18 years with a BA in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Development.

Every Tree Has Their Time

We are all like a tree....

Some are fortunate to be a beautiful tree from day one. They were planted in the richest soil and had the brightest sunshine upon them. They were born with the lushest of green leaves and the ripest of fruits to show the world. They sprout quickly and take on a beautiful shape immediately. Their Spring comes right-on-time every year and they blossom oh so beautifully.

Meanwhile there are those other kinds of trees. The trees that were planted in mediocre or bad soil. The trees that had the more harsh circumstances to grow in from day one. They were smaller trees that didn't grow as fast. Their leaves are more dull and their branches are weak.

As the years pass on, the lush green trees continue to flourish in their beautiful forests with other similar beautiful trees. They are all big and vibrant, but sadly, they sort of blend in within one another. You can't see where one tree ends and the other begins. Their canopy comes together, blocking the sunshine and suffocating the life that is beneath them.

But something miraculous is happening on the outskirts of the forest. Those quiet little trees that have endured a lifetime of hardships, standing in the storms alone, suddenly burst with color and life! There branches have become strong, their leaves are the greenest of greens. And what makes them so special is that they have not blended in with the forests. Those trees became a place where children chose to climb. They are the glorious trees that have been given the time and space to become something special. They receive all of the sunshine in their beautiful isolation. And they stand proud not to blend in with the forest.


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