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A Day in The Life of an Unassuming, Uneventful Man

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

A picture of pure boredom, uneventful.

A picture of pure boredom, uneventful.

With This Hub, You Are Apt to

do more guessing than you do realizing. This one's not on the edge, but in the edge. Never been that way before, and may not ever be here again, but at hub's end, we shall see.

What are you guessing? Baseball scores? No. A pretty girl's phone number? Maybe, but no. The same pretty girl's age? Could be, but sadly, no. But you are in the game. You're fresh out of the bullpen. Your team is only three runs behind and it's the fifth-inning. Your team manager has paced a ditch inside your dug-out. This baseball manager is very serious.

This very short piece is simply-read and understood. You can even get up the next morning facing a black hang-over, read this pub while you drink your first of six Bloody Mary's (with your coffee), read this short hub, and be early for work. Now. I promised a long time ago that I really didn't need to write an entire book to make my point. We shall see.

The Bottom Line About This Hub

is about being uneventful. Meaning that "I" am the one in this headline, the uneventful. Another meaning is that there is not one thing that is exciting, ground-breaking, or jaw-dropping about me. Not one thing. And yet, I work, I go home, I eat, I watch some TV, I hit the bed and sleep. All in an uneventful way. I need no chorus line for me to dance-my-way to where my mind is in "Slumberville." Medical fact: human beings, even the over-achievers, are uneventful at times.

Case in point. If Sir Edmund Hillary, mountaineer, climber, and philanthropist had decided to not scale the summit of Mount Everest, he would have been just another mountain climber. Think about it. Just another faceless, uneventful explorer. When he would enter his favorite bar, his three buddies, (all uneventful) would laugh and say, "Just look there! Here comes Ol' Uneventful!" And he would drop his head and be sad while drinking several vodka's staright-up.

About four hours later, "Ol' Eventful," passes-out, as a very intoxicated (slammed) uneventful man. Like Edmund Hilary had gotten waxed and passed out, it would have made the lead story on front page of any powerful daily newspaper on and offline. Famous people always have an automatic leg-up when they are challenged. And uneventful, unassuming people go for challenges, but only to make the famous and strong look great. Ticks, and fleas, sad to say, have their purpose.,

When you are uneventful, history-making events frown on you. It always falls to some famous someone who is brave, noble, and out for the challenge. People such as this are followed by legions of sports and newspaper writers, and the first question that they ask is, "Sir, just what is your name?" At this point, they do not care where is going or what he is about to try--just get the name, write the story, and leave for another eventful something or other held in another far away town.

I Can Honestly Tell You That

there are three eventful things that happened in my life.

1.) my birth to two good-hearted, hard-working parents.

2.) Coming to the Lord Jesus in Aug. 1973;

3.)Getting married to my sweetheart, Pam Winsett, on June 28, 1975; And our one and only baby, Angie, who was born that next year, May 28, 1976. She went on to The Lord on Feb. 11, 2016 and we still miss her.

I am not having you to think that my high school diploma was unimportant, but compared to the three events above, they should rate lower than these four any day. I cannot think of any other eventful things or people who have known me. But I did try.

But Sadly, Life is Full of

uneventful people. I am still an uneventful man, age 67, still living in my rural hometown of Hamilton, Al., I attended uneventful schools; graduated from an uneventful high school; an uneventful principal gave me my uneventful diploma and then I chased a few jobs, all uneventful, lost all of them, and landed in the newspaper business where I was blessed with an uneventful job. Only the managing editor, Les Walters, had a face in the public. People knew him well. Me?

For 23 years, I worked, but never achieved one moment of fame-related jobs or public-based things such as the community theater that I, along with three other people, formed the now-shut down, Kudzu Playhouse. Exie Williford; Bro. Clint Padgett; and Tommy Roby were the three who made Kudzu what it was. We had the fun. Plus made-up monies for established-charities such as St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tn., and others. This was also thrilling to know that kids who couldn't help themselves, was going to receive the needed-help in order to walk and have normal lives.

After we shut the theater down, we all went separate ways. And I dragged myself back to the newspaper where I went back to my uneventful job and life. From that moment until now, nothing huge, nothing world-acclaimed has happened to me. Such as winning the Publisher's Clearing House or some lottery, that would help propel me to famous at least for a while.

Yes, it's a life of uneventful jobs, cars, clothes, homes, books, vacations, trophies, careers, and the band played on. I think I've made my point.

In my case, a small bit of famous sure beats a lot of uneventful anytime.

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