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A Creators Thoughts


To flip a page is to start a new journey. My words are free flowing and my thoughts are non-stop, so I must always try and catch to best ones before my brain tunes to a new channel. Thoughts of this and memories of that. I can still remember what they told me when I was a kid. They would say that slow and steady wins the race. They tried to warn me that I had an "overactive imagination", and that I would wind up spending my life in the clouds if I did not learn to control it. They tried to make me feel as if the way my mind worked was a problem that I needed to fix.

You see, I am a creator. I have hundreds of crazy and wonderful ideas throughout the day. I see vivid daydreams involving every topic you could possibly think of. They often look like a beautiful slideshow in my head that God has put together for me. My brain has always been this way, and I consider it my gift. The same way that she is a proactive problem solver, or that he is a natural born leader.

Creativity can be a blessing as well as a curse, depending how one chooses to use it. I have chosen to use it for good, and to make the world a better place with powerful, message-driven stories. I like to take my unique and fanatical thoughts and turn them into elegant collection's of words. Doing so brings joy to my heart and makes me feel as if I have a purpose. Therefore I will always cherish my "overactive imagination", in hope that one day maybe others will too.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano