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A Concept of Art From a Perspective of a Learning Artist

JC is a freelance writer who has a degree in Applied Psychology. Aside from her course, writing about different topics is her passion.


What makes art, an art? Is it the fine strokes, graceful movements, modest rhythms, wonderful patterns, realistic shades, superb acting, or the perfect blending of color and hues?

I think, like the arts themselves, the concept of art varies from person to person.

I was part of the population who grew up with a misconception of the concept of art. I thought art was not for everyone. It is exclusive only to the elites and to those who had the skills and gifts. I thought real arts are those that were expensive, and they must always be "auction-worthy". I believed in the notion that an art could only be art, only if it was known, and if there were a lot of people who could appreciate it. I also thought that if we could not create an art, we could never learn it. I was wrong.

Arts is too broad to be stuck with those misconceptions.

As I step up to high school from primary education, my concept of art starts to be put on reform. I slowly realize that art is everywhere, art is around us every day in our society. Like language, art speaks up for a society - it is the soul of a society, and it evolves with the society. Art unfolds the story of our history and nurtures our culture. Art is something that can be for everyone. Art is an art even if it is not for an auction, if it is not known, and if no one can appreciate it. Art is part of every culture, our culture.

What made me see it this way?

For a quick answer, it is because I started creating my own art - my way, my reason. My fondness for paper and pencils lead me not only in writing but also to creating my "masterpieces".

I was not born with a "gift" of art, but I wanted to learn it because it was the way I found to get me wherever I want even without going anywhere. Art became my gateway to fantasy while staying in reality.

I can still remember my first attempt at drawing an anime character that I am really fond of, the strokes were not good, the shades of pencil were not well blended, and the lines were crooked. However, I am not ashamed of its imperfections because it started my passion for creating my own art.

This is one of my first attempts to draw my favorite anime characters.

This is one of my first attempts to draw my favorite anime characters.

From anime characters, I come to create what I can consider "abstract sketches". Now, I'm attempting to create sketches of my favorite movie characters for the same reason, it’s my way to be a bit closer to my fantasies. Through the years, I never had another reason for creating such drawings and sketches but to escape reality for a moment, and it is doing its job right. Whenever I am with my pencils and paper, it's odd but I always felt like being inside the movie or anime with the characters I'm sketching.

I am still not that good at it, but I am trying to improve and continue to learn from sketches to sketches – even from scratches.


Thus, if you found out that you are not good at art but want to be good at it, learn it.

My concept of art is full of "I", "my", "me", and "I'm", isn't it? Does it sound conceited?

It probably is, and that is what I am trying to point out. Art is for everyone, but it does not need to please anyone. Real artists create their art for their own reason – to express, to speak, and to tell us their story.

If you cannot draw, then dance. If you cannot dance, then sing. If you still cannot sing, then act, sculpt, paint, weave, or write. There is a bunch of art forms to choose from to learn. Just do anything with passion, because for me, anything that we do with passion is an art. And that kind of art does not need to satisfy anyone because people will be pleased with the passion that we put into that art.

Passion with practice, hard work, and the right amount of skills and knowledge of that specific form of art will definitely result to an amazing art.

An art can be an art even if the strokes are not fine, movements are not good, rhythms are bad, colors are dark, and patterns are crook. An art is an art if it is from the heart.

We are our art.

© 2022 JC Guiao

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