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9 Life Lessons Corona Made Us Remember

Tulika is a content writer who has a skill to motivate people through her writings.

COVID- 19 is now a part of our lives. Although unfortunate yet true, for months, we are coping with its outcome affecting our relationships, health, economy, and every aspect of life. We all are still waiting for the silver lining in the cloud that can gradually make our lives fall in line. However, every unfavorable time teaches valuable lessons. So, do the pandemic times. This novel virus has busted the bubble to show how fragile our lives are, living at the edge in terms of physical, emotional, and social well-being.

For me, the journey through COVID-19 has a unique experience. Living my life struggling with pandemic anxiety and confinement to liberating myself from daily stress, I’ve recollected a few age-old life lessons that changed my outlook on any adverse situations.

1. Survival Of The Fittest

Darwinian philosophy of survival shows that the species that adapt is safe from the wrath of extinction.

Reports show the survival rate of Corona patients has improved since the start of the pandemic. Rapid learning about the symptoms, practicing proper hygiene, and social distancing have played a part in decreasing the spread of infection. However, building a more robust immune system is one vital step every person is taking to avoid contracting and also fighting the disease. Health has again become a subject of paramount importance for all of us. Taken for granted, sunlight, drinking water, and fresh air has become the source of a healthy life. The sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy foods are replaced by physical activity, nutritional diet, and psychological well-being. And like years before, once again, being fit denotes adaptation and survival.

2. Take Care Of Your Mind

In July, the KFF tracking poll reveals that 53% of people have reported a negative impact on their mental health due to pandemic worries. Lockdowns, social distancing, economic instabilities associated with this prolonged pandemic is overwhelming for people of all ages.

So how do you look after your mind? Health experts say daily exercise, the right diet, and meditation are some of the coping strategies that can calm your mind and promote relaxation. For a few people taking up new hobbies and connecting with others may help. I believe it is setting a realistic goal and visualization of brighter times that keeps me going in difficult times. However, whatever coping technique you choose, ultimately let it feed your mind with healthy thoughts and focus on things you can control. It won’t vanish the difficulties, but for sure, it will yield the strength to face it.

3. Listen- Not Hear

My routine in lockdown involved listening to my aged mother through phone calls or video chats. The phone call stretched from minutes to hours to multiple times a day. But every time she ends up saying how each conversation was like a fresh breath of air for her.

Face-to-face communication during the pandemic was an unprecedented challenge. The real-life meetings with friends and family seem like a fantasy. And that’s why listening to others has become an utmost necessity. Listening is an art of paying attention to what others are saying. It involves your mind rather than your ear. Listening well gives you the chance to foster a meaningful relationship. It helps you to become empathetic towards your loved ones and understand the distress they are facing. Interestingly, lending an ear to my mother took away the burden of monotony from her, and it also expands my horizon by listening to what she had to say.

4. Speaking Up Is Mandatory

Isolation is one of the culprits behind anxiety and stress. With lockdowns and movement restrictions, cases of depression, addiction, drug use, self-harm, and suicide saw a rise.

Many health professionals suggest speaking out when you’re struggling with your anxious mind. It can be either your loved ones or licensed professionals. Don’t be afraid of confrontation or abandonment. Remember, you’re not alone. People who love you are there to support and guide you. And believe me, you will be more satisfied when you see your symptoms are resolving without much effort.

5. Relationships Are Fragile, Nurture With Care

Enjoying the initial togetherness to daily arguments; this pandemic showed me the real value of patience and understanding.

Whether you live with your close ones under the same roof or are apart, both cases can be equally stressful, worrying, or unbearable. Nurturing it every day can lead to a much healthier relationship. It does not mean merely caring, but also protecting your relationship and by being realistic about the conflicts as well. At times, when the relationship turns sour, communicate, show empathy, and celebrate small and big events with the loved ones to feel supported and culminate a better understanding.

6. Fear Can Make Us Illogical

From eating small onions to taking traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Shuanghuanglian, several implausible claims surfaced with the advent of Coronavirus.

When it comes to assessing the risk, people behave irrationally. This disease is unfamiliar, symptoms vary, and recoveries are uncertain. Thus, the perception of risk gets distorted, and overwhelming emotions lead to fear. Several people often associate fear with irrational behavior as a remedy to the current situations. These people like me follow the bandwagon until they realize to handle the situation with logic and optimism rather than fear.

7. Hope Can Overcome Fear

Hope and negative thoughts can not reside together. It helps to challenge your fear and gives you the courage to master your thoughts rather than becoming its slave.

It will not be wrong, saying that hope acts as a cure to fear. Hope is the optimistic state of mind that is driven by positive thinking, perception, and expectation concerning circumstances and events. It helps in recognizing your potential and encourages self-belief. In times, when unexpectedness in terms of survival hits, hope motivates to keep going. In this corona moment, there are those (or maybe all) who are striving in crisis; hope is the only way to get to the other side of it.

8. Help Others For Your Survival

Coronavirus boosted volunteering. Study shows that the rate of volunteering services has doubled in comparison to 2017 in the U.S.

Across the globe, millions of people volunteered their time, knowledge, and expertise to touch the lives of millions of others to make it better. But why volunteering? People have found a sense of satisfaction by helping the community. Either community helpers or homemakers, each of them helped others to their best. Being one in that million, I experienced, volunteering does not help improve other lives but, it eventually develops your ability to manage stress, anger, anxiety, stave off diseases, and enhance the sense of satisfaction as it did mine.

9. This Too Shall Pass

From the first lockdown to the phase of unlocking, every nation in the world has seen uncertainty, helplessness, fear, and hardship.

There was a time when we all lived fearlessly, living our lives on our terms. Now the time has changed, and getting back to normal is a slow process. Amidst all these, people are still moving day by day with lingering hope and desire to win the battle of life. As good days didn’t stay, so are the bad days. Nothing is permanent in this world; this time too shall pass.


No life is ever a bed of roses, and neither is a bed of thorns. It’s only our perspective that makes or breaks our lives. Corona times are tough, but not hopeless. I have learned my lessons during this time; you might have your learning. Despite what all I have experienced, one thing is very true, like several people, I am optimistic enough to wait to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re one of us, impart these age-old life lessons to the person in need to create a beautiful and fearless world we always lived.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Tulika vashist

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