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8 Lessons That Life Taught Me

Neha is a poet and freelance corporate trainer with a masters in English Literature and Language. She loves to read and write.


I have always heard these things being said but you believe only when you have had the experience. Here are 8 things I learnt from life.

  1. It Is OK to have less: Happiness is not directly proportional to your pay check. It's directly proportional to spending time with your loved ones. I realized it when I left my full time job and became a hands-on mother to my son. He was floundering at school while I was trying to bring home more money. A balance needs to be achieved
  2. Live the way you want to: No one is impressed by what car you are driving and what house you are living in. They are all busy with their own things and if someone does they are not your kind of people. Life is less about others and more about you. Someone somewhere will always have an opinion about you, don’t worry about them. Follow your heart!
  3. Love yourself: You live only once. Live it up! Loving your self is not selfish. We can love others only if we have love for ourselves. Only when we are self-assured and loving to ourselves can we take care of others.
  4. Cultivate a hobby: Learn to play an instrument, paint, cycle or whatever you have always wanted to do. It helps you get in touch with your inner self. That is one of the most enlightening and enriching experience in a lifetime.
  5. Dance: It liberates you, gives you a sense of peace, coordination and balance. It exercises your body and mind. You are able to let go and be uninhibited. This restores tranquility and helps in self-expression.
  6. Read books: They bring the world to your table. They give you a vision, a broader perspective and sometimes lessons that last a life-time. They also help you to divert your mind and lessen stress.
  7. Travel to broaden your horizon: On travel, there are beautiful untouched places in our own country and we travel for our relaxation and exploration not to impress others.
  8. Be there: For the people in your life your parents, children, siblings and friends. Be present wholeheartedly during their hour of need as well as moments of happiness. Sharing and caring is important. You can also be there for the poor, homeless and destitute in small or big ways as your means allow. The world needs more philanthropists.

I conclude with the famous quote that says that in the end it is not how well you live but how well you have loved. Life has to be lived meaningfully and with awareness.


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