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78 - "Impressed By a Homless Man"


Real love between a man and his dog.

Impressed By A Homeless Man

I used to see a homeless person with a dog and I would naturally feel sorry for the person, but at the same time I would feel sorry the dog, probably more, because the person actually does have some control over his/her life where as the dog has to depend totally upon the person.

But after a specific incident I came to the conclusion that they are both lucky to have each other. There is nothing better, when you are alone, than a 4 legged companion. Without each other they would both be alone and lonely. I know for a fact that the companionship of a dog can make all the difference in the world, even between life and death. My dog Harley is the reason I am still alive today. But that’s another story.

I always do my laundry at a laundromat early in the morning, 6:00am, and when I arrived one Sunday morning there was a homeless person’s shopping cart with his worldly belongings sitting in front of the shop next to the Laundromat. He had it set up to block the cold as much as possible and he was laying on two thin blankets covered with another one to try and keep as warm as possible. Where he was situated was right outside of the window and I could actually see him shiver. As I stood there watching and wondering what could have possibly put him in that position I noticed a dog approaching the sleeping man. I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen, so I watched. To my surprise the dog walked up next to the man and took his position next to him laying as close as possible to the man. As the man put his arm around the dog I could see the glint of a smile show across his face. I am sure that not only did he welcome the warmth of his friend’s body, but it also had to be because of his close companionship that put the smile there.

As it approached 7:00am he lifted himself from the cold hard sidewalk, folding his flimsy blankets and loading everything into his shopping cart and prepared to politely move on before the other shops opened for business.

I watched as this man brought food out of his cart and fed and watered his best friend. After he made sure his buddy was satisfied, as well as possible, he then proceeded to dig something out for himself to eat and drink. As I watched them start on their way I stopped him and gave him some money. It wasn’t a lot but it was what I had in my pocket at the time.

I hope to come across the two of them again because I would like to have the opportunity to be a little nosey and ask him a few questions and let him know how he impressed me with the fact that he made sure his dog was taken care of first.