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7 Warning Signs the Classics Are Calling for You

No matter how you try to avoid them, there are times when the classics of literature come calling your name. They are strong and powerful forces to contend with. Resistance is nearly futile.

You really shouldn’t avoid the classics when they come calling. They'll get to you sooner or later. Not too sure about that? Here are some signs that you might need to revisit those classics you have been avoiding.


Dissatisfaction in New Books

Are you getting the newest releases and finding that they do nothing for you? Is there something lacking in them? This might be a sign that the classics of literature are calling to you.

The classics do stand out among the whole library of the world’s books. They are different. They are strong. They can appeal to nearly everyone of every culture. If you aren’t enjoying the new books that are coming out, think about revisiting the classics and get a bit of fresh literary air.

A Need For Something Deeper

If you need books that have more depth in them, you might have the classics calling your name. Too often, new books are shallow. There is no depth to the plot or the characters. Why is that? Many contemporary authors are finding that they want to focus on the sex of a story or the paranormal mysteries. There are many elements to a story that need to be in equal proportion.

Reading the books published today, are you finding satisfaction?



Are you a little bit curious what is so special about certain classics? You hear about them all the time. Sometimes others expect you to have read them. Book clubs are formed around them. What makes them so important?

Admit it. You are a little bit curious about some classics. You’ve heard about them. They have been referenced movies you have seen. It would be neat to understand what they referred to.

Many References Found In Art

You’ll see references to the classics in art. Many famous painting and sculptures come from the classics. It might be missed if you aren’t familiar with the stories, but they are there.

Take a look at an art gallery. You can find many references to classical pieces of literature.

Pablo Picasso, Don Quixote (1955)

John William Waterhouse, The Lady of Shalott (1888)

Sir John Everett Millais, Ophelia (1851-1852)

I love it when I see a piece of art and know the story behind it. The art comes alive in my mind.


You Realize You Might Be Missing Out On Something

If people around you refer to a classic and you don’t get it, you might be missing out on something. They are referenced in everyday life all the time. When you realize that you aren’t getting these references, you might want to visit the classics.

Have you heard of someone having a white whale in their life? That is a direct reference to Moby Dick that is used in our society all over the place.

They Haunt Your Bucket List

When you find that people are shocked you haven’t read a certain classic, it might be time you did. What books are on your bucket list? Have you revised your list? Odds are that classics keep appearing on it.

What classics keep showing up? Those are the ones calling for you. They haunt you for a reason.

Other People Are Reading Them

It’s not like these books are turning to dusts on the bookshelves hidden in basements. There are thousands of people reading them. They come from every age group. Even if you take out the ones reading it for school, you’ll have an extremely large number.

People are reading them.

If any of these apply to you, the classics are calling for you to revisit them. Maybe you read them in school but never enjoyed them. It could be that you are old enough to appreciate them. Give them a try. Discover which ones are calling your name and enjoy a classic that stands the test of time.

What classics are calling you? I’m reading Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights, and Jekyll and Hyde. I just finished Jane Eyre. Some I remember why I don’t like. Others I find much more fascinating. So will you.

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