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10 Habits One or More Book Readers Can Relate To


JayDee has been a book lover for a long time and being in the book world she has noticed habits that are clear signs a book worm has formed.

#1 - The Folder vs The Book Marker


I have experienced both sides and have friends who do this a lot.

The Foldies, shall we call them, say they fold the corner of the page for the lack of a bookmark and wouldn't have to worry about losing their page when the bookmark falls out. This is pretty useful during travels in a plane, train or automobile. With a folded corner you will never miss where you left off. Some pretty valid points yes?

And then there are the book-markers, most of them are those who collect vintage novels and the exclusively designed versions of some of their favorite novels. They are the type that just can't stand the sight of folded pages or creased corners because their books are practically trophies showing forth their passion for reading. On the other end there are others; also called book-markers, who just happen to love collecting bookmarks as much as they love collecting books! I fit into this category my self.

With that being said there is no right or wrong, that person isn't some destructive monster just because they fold their pages and the book-marker isn't over conscious of their books, it's simply each one's preference. The crease in the book shows you read it and the vintage quality shows you care for your books, why can't a book have both? You cared for it and you used it and you loved it.
As long as you read the story, share the same love for characters, admire the author's unique style and feel that overwhelming satisfaction when you finish a book, then we are all the same.

#2 - The Early Bird vs The Night Owl


Honestly, these days everyone reads at a time that they feel most relaxed, No one likes or rather can read when their mind is preoccupied on things they have to do or places they have to be. So what would be our most relaxing time?

Take 'The Early Bird' for instance, they have a day off and choose to read in the early hours of the day when everyone is still asleep, the calming silence of a peaceful atmosphere accompanied by a delicious hot tea or coffee. Sounds like every readers happy place, doesn't it?

And for some, like The Night Owls, it's toward night time where you know all your work is done for the day and you can just relax and read without any chores or errands stirring your focus away from a good gripping story.

Again, each ones preference.

And then there are those who steal away some reading time in the afternoon during or after lunch, or in the evening at tea time before dinner is served. It's all in what time we feel so relaxed where we know for sure we can immerse ourselves into a whole new world without being yanked out by an unfinished chore or work in general.

#3 - The Multitasker


Many times we say we don't want to start something we can't finish, But what do you do when there is more than one book on your bookshelf you are simply dying to read?
One minute you make up your mind to start one, and you do but the next minute you are thinking of the story within that other mystery paperback or hardcover.

And that's when we reach our breaking point where our brain simply can't wait 250 or more pages to read the other one, a general feeling for book lovers, especially when it comes to those page turning book series. It's practically our push to read books working on overdrive. So, we end up reading two books simultaneously, 10 - 20 pages of this one and 20 or more from that one, then back to this one and voila! you have the work of a multitasker. Of course, not to exclude the multitaskers who can read and cook or clean or organize a closet. Most superhumans do not wear capes, they hold books and do everything else.

#4 - Caffeinated


If there is anything we bookworms can stick together and agree on, it would be the fact that a hot beverage whether tea, coffee or hot chocolate is the perfect companion to a book.

They go hand in hand making the experience all the more enjoyable. Imagine being all snug on a winter morning with blankets, some hot chocolate and a good book. Even just some easy reading at the dinner table with a cup of relaxing tea with its aromas and essences. Having a hot beverage at reading time is a well known habit, we might as well add mugs to our list of book accessories.

#5 - The Unplanned Plan


If you are the kind that makes a book plan/reading plan and writes down what book you would read next, you would know that sometimes what we first planned drops and a new plan is formed. I have done this so many times, my book plan is perfect and has lots the books that I already have on my shelf that I need to read but then I end up going to the bookstore and buying a new book or rather books that become my 'next in line to be read'. I might as well not write a reading plan.

The same goes with the famous statement "I'll just go in to look at some books but I won't buy anything" and guess what we always buy something. The bookstore is the center point of unplanned plans and we know it and love it.

#6 - The Speed Reader


Focusing more upon those with jobs or homework by the piles we try to balance our work/school schedule, social life and quiet reading time. Sometimes in between our busy days we carry books with us and say we will read for just 20 minutes or 10 minutes or even try to get past one chapter but then your 20 minutes is up and you have some how ended up three chapters further than you planned. If you have found yourself in this position then you my friend are a ”speed reader”. Time can’t stop and words can’t hold you back you are well on your way to finishing your book and have the guilty pleasure of starting a new one sooner than you thought.

#7 - Perfectionist


Be it a bookmark to match book theme/colour scheme to reading everything from the title and sub titles including every word on the acknowledgements page in the end. Perfectionists, have their way of enjoying life with books. A Perfectionist can’t bend the corners, can’t read whenever but at a perfect time of the day when chores are done, and work is left for tomorrow. A perfectionist reads series in chronological order and alphabetises their shelves maybe even places their books in the colour coordinated way.

It’s a hard life for perfectionists but we enjoy it to perfection (get it?)

#8 - I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie


Those pages, those binders, the thick leather to hold all of it together. Drool....

There is no way to truly explain the secret bond between a bookworm and the beautiful thick, big books. I'm not talking the usual 300 - 400 those are pretty standard and awesome on their own. What I'm getting at is the 800 to a 1000 page titanic sort of book.

A classic example would be...

Stephen King is known for his thrilling and chilling fictional literacy and IT being a whopping 1168 paperback makes for one long incredibly terrifying journey and this is just one example. There are authors who have combined a series into one solid hardback and it is glorious don't need to buy the next book in the series when they just a page over in the same book.

Big books have their cons too, too heavy, hands start to hurt, you might need to read at a table or support it with pillows in bed but there is something about them that drives us crazy with want. Maybe it makes us feel more like the bookworm that we are or gives us that jittery chills to know we can have one long adventure like a theme park ride you have too much fun on that you don't want it to end. Either way, big books have more details, more about the characters we love and is twice as satisfying when you finish it. For me having all this adventure in both your hands is a win, so the bigger the better.

What about you?

#9 - Sniffer Central


This is by far a guilty pleasure of many bookworms. The unbelievably satisfying scent of old books that we can't help but take a little whiff of. What is it that makes us want to smell books in bookstores or in general?.Especially the old ones; where the scent has been perfected over the years as the pages yellow up.

There are different theories to it like some say the chemicals and plant matter that are mixed into making paper decompose to create a pleasant aroma that our senses just can't resist and another one would be that among all those ingredients there is a bit of vanilla. How cool is that?

Sometimes scents link themselves to memories. Have you ever noticed how a certain scent would take you back to memory that you have stored away and not thought of in a while. So maybe the scent of books new or old, will take you back to when you were younger, to memories that show the reason you first fell in love with books.

#10 - Lick and Swipe


Honestly who hasn't done this?

Something so simple that makes you feel sophisticated and all the more the reader that you are. While it certainly helps you turn a page with ease, it also has a classy touch to it. Just lick and swipe your way into reading more and more.

© 2019 JayDee


JayDee (author) from Dubai on September 13, 2019:

I'm so glad you could. Thank you for the kind words. It's amazing how many bookworms out there could relate to this article. I feel blessed.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on September 11, 2019:

Hi JayDee, nice to meet you. Thanks for the follow too. This was a wonderful article and I could relate to everything. I do try to refrain from bending corners of a page unless it is the only option. I have even used a credit card as a bookmark lol.

Funny thing is with “real” books I search out the thick ones that will keep me entertained for a long period. If it is by a favourite author I know won’t disappoint, but e-books have to be as short as possible. I don’t know why.

Your writing is excellent, engaging and easy to read. Well done.

JayDee (author) from Dubai on July 31, 2019:

I agree, alot of people do it though lol

Dina Sostarec from Osijek, Croatia on July 31, 2019:


This was such a lovely and observing article. Definitely could relate to some points. But lick and swipe... Lol find it a bit disgusting! :)

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