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5 Reasons Why I Dread Turning 40

Cristale Adams is an online author and publisher. Her articles vary in topics and focus on real life. She always enjoys learning new things.

My 40th Birthday

While still one year away, the dread and anxiety are slowly creeping in. Since turning 30 wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, maybe turning 40 is a hopeful next big milestone in my life. This is a big moment in any person's life and I am not sure what to expect on the day of my birthday and going forward.

Since I am older with children of my own, I am not going to plan anything extravagant for my birthday celebration. My dream 40th birthday would consist of cleaning done by others and a nice dinner prepared by someone other than myself. Followed by cake and ice cream with a few presents that are a surpise. Birthdays are important and should be celebrated but some birthdays can be painful, like turning the big 4-0!



What Turning 40 Means to Me

Turning 40 means another year older and another year of increased wisdom. It also means more grey hair, more defined wrinkles, and even loss of hair. Aging should be done gracefully but can be difficult when a person is not looking forward to it. Our body changes as well as priorities, responsibilities, and even thought processes. What turning 40 means to me is that it is another year closer to death. Death isn't a bad thing, but no one is really in tune with that reality.


How Do You Feel About This?

5 Reasons Why I Dread Turning 40

According to Google, dread is simply defined as "to anticipate with great apprehension or fear." People can face dread about many different things like public speaking, a doctor's appointment, or even before riding a roller coaster. From a young age, birthdays are also celebrated and enjoyed, but then the 30th birthday happens. This is when the reality sets in of being "old" and dread will start to happen. Dread from getting old, turning another year older. I dread turning 40 for numerous reasons, but I have narrowed it down to the topmost 5 reasons why I personally dread turning 40.

1. Having a Mid-Life Crisis.

A mid-life crisis is technically defined as a period of making choices to live out dreams that were not accomplished and sidetracked in younger years. This often involves the purchase of a sports car, returning to school, and even drastically changing one's appearance. A mid-life crisis almost always happens at age 40ish, give or take a few years after 40. This can sometimes be beneficial or it could be the beginning of new problems, like trying to afford that new sports car or returning to school. Some signs to look for are:

  • Feeling unfulfilled in life.
  • Powerful feelings of wistfulness.
  • Feelings of boredom, emptiness, and or worthlessness.
  • Impulsive, rash decision-making.
  • Dramatic changes in behavior and appearance.
  • Unfaithfulness or constant thoughts about unfaithfulness.

2. The Effects of Gravity.

Gravity pulls things down, which can include body parts at the age of 40. Breasts and butts will lose their perk and start to fall south, and not just for the winter. Facial skin will also start to head south at a faster rate than ever before. Men's hair may feel the effects of gravity as it falls to the ground, becoming thinner and less full.


3. No ID Required.

Being asked for your id, or being "carded" is annoying throughout a person's twenties. This often becomes less frequent as a person ages but is always compliment when asked. Many women can feel saddened by not being asked as they get older because they know the signs of aging are increasing. Men often do not usually deal with this but sometimes it can affect them too.


4. Officially Over the Hill.

"Over the Hill" is a saying that is used to describe age, as in 40. According to Google, the formal definition of this phrase is 'old or past one's prime.' This can mean that young looks are fading, strength is lessened, quickness and promptness are becoming delayed. This can also mean glasses and hearing aids are a nearby reality. Synonyms for this phrase are aged, ancient, and elderly. It always seems like when we are younger, we feel like we have infinite time until this time comes, but that is not the case at all!


5. Everything Changes.

A person is definitely supposed to be stable, mature, and experienced by this time during their life. Everything changes in that now there are no excuses to not have accomplished all of the above-mentioned topics. Everything changes for a person after they turn 40 because now they are truly old enough. Old enough to know right from wrong, in from out, and up from down. There are no more excuses or reasons for anything anymore. Wisdom should be what guides us now, learning from past mistakes and errors. Thought processes and decision-making change also because now it is time to incorporate thoughts and plans of life insurance and a will. Burial plans will also be along those lines as well as retirement, medicare, and social security.

More Changes After Turning 40

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