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5.8 Pounds

I was born and raised as a country boy in the rural Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. I love the art of writing..


Last June my wife and I had to have our beagle put to sleep. She had developed cancer and was in pain. It was a heartbreaking ordeal to stay in the room as our vet did what we felt was the unthinkable. A pet owner knows that it is the right thing to do even though it fills your eyes with tears and rips at your heart.

For months and months we just couldn't think of getting another pet. At the beginning of the new year we felt that it was time to start looking. We both felt that we wanted to adopt from a shelter which is what we had done with our beagle, Cookie. I searched online for months. A few dogs that we were interested in were adopted in a short time before we had filled out an application.

My wife repeatedly said, "I don't want a chihuahua, they are to yippy." I looked at other dogs for a couple of months. There are so many dogs that need adoption. I just have to wonder why people feel that adopting a pet is not the way to go.

In early March I was looking at our local SPCA website and I saw this cutest little dog. It was a chihuahua mix. I thought my wife would say that she wasn't interested. However, when she saw the photo, she got a twinkle in her eye and smiled. She knew it was so cute. I called up the SPCA first thing the next morning and they said that it was first come, first serve. We hopped in our car and got there as fast as we could.

We filled out an application and went to take a look at this shy little dog. My wife was holding in within two minutes. I asked her what she thought and she just knew that it was the one we have been looking for. My wife wanted a small dog and this one at 5.8 pounds was just it. She could be bathed in the kitchen sink. My wife picked out the name, Rose.

Rose, filled our apartment with the love that we had missed since we had Cookie put to sleep. Rose is so playful with her toys and will play for the longest time. Then she likes to curl up next to one of us and take a nap. She is so adorable, she has found her forever home with us.

I encourage anyone looking for a dog or cat to check their shelters in their local area. You just may find that perfect pet, just like we did.

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