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5 Ways Acne Makes You a Vampire

Acne is a terrible skin disease that can strike anybody at any time and does not only affect people during their teen years as many people are made to believe. This skin disease can have a profound effect on the psychological well-being of a person. Acne sufferers tend to exhibit several odd behaviors in their desperate attempt to boost their confidence and fit in. These behaviors are no fault of theirs and the outside world makes it worse by passing judgment on them too quickly. Next time you see someone ridden with acne, try to treat him or her as you would treat everybody else and also let out a smile because they are fighting a tough battle within.

1. You Avoid Mirrors


What acne sufferers hate the most is to catch a glimpse and be reminded of how awful their acne really looks. Any object that gives a true reflection of how you really look automatically becomes your enemy. You tend to walk past most mirrors with your head turned away so you don't catch sight of your acne. Car mirrors can be especially very devastating to your ego and you avoid them like the plague. You prefer to look down when washing your hands in a public bathroom and it also becomes very hard to try on clothes at shops. It can get worse to the extent that you can actually be forced to shave or brush your teeth in the dark. It doesn't matter how happy you are on a given day, one look in a mirror and you end up feeling down again.

2. You Hate Sunlight


Anyone who has ever been afflicted with acne knows all too well how terrible sunlight can make your acne appear. As such, you prefer to go out at night because your acne becomes less obvious. Sunlight can make your acne scars look horrible especially in the summer. Summer should be a time to go out and have fun but you tend to stay indoors because your skin doesn't really look great in sunlight. The sun is brutally honest and allows you to see every single little flaw that you have down to the last pore which can really shatter your confidence if your skin is ridden with acne.

3. People Tend to Avoid Eye Contact With You


Suddenly, people can't look you in the eyes for fear that you might hypnotize them. But seriously, they are too busy observing the blemishes on your face. People maintain eye contact with you for a short time and before you know it, their eyes are busily scanning your skin. This can be really annoying and some even go to the extent of getting nearer to examine the details better. The worst thing is when people scratch at or touch their own face where your acne is. In their defense, it's quite difficult to concentrate on your eyes when there is a huge mountain erupting on your forehead.

4. You Hate Going to Church


So obviously this is not because you hate to see the cross or can't stand holy water. You just come to hate any social gathering of any sort. Anytime you find yourself in the midst of people, it feels as if everyone is staring at you or passing judgment behind your back. It always feels as if you are the only person in the world with acne. Everywhere you go, you literally look at everyone else's skin and try to find as many flaws as you can so as to make yourself feel better.

5. Every Day Seems Like Eternity


Time actually slows down for you which is not a good thing in your case. This is simply because you are too insecure to go out and have fun. You usually feel so incredibly alone and it is as if you are wasting your life away in a vicious circle of depression and anxiety. Your life comes to a standstill and you sometimes feel extremely bored that it appears time is passing so slowly. You miss out on your youth which is supposed to be the best years of your life. Every day also seems like a challenge considering the fact that you have to spend hours physically and mentally preparing yourself before you step outside.

Having suffered from acne for 9 years, I understand the plight acne victims go through on a daily basis. I hope everyone finds a cure to this terrible disease.

© 2016 Charles Nuamah

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