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5 Reasons Why I Dreaded Turning 30

Cristale Adams is an online author and publisher. Her articles vary in topics and focus on real life. She always enjoys learning new things.

Remembering My 30th Birthday

'My 30th birthday is in exactly one week! I will be 30 years old!' were my exact thoughts as my birthday approached very quickly. I couldn't help but think about where has my life gone, the choices I have made, and where my past has taken me. That year my birthday started a revolution in my life because of all the changes that I have experienced since that time. It's so ironic because when people are younger, they always wish to be older. When people do get older, they wish that they were young again. Now that I have turned thirty, I am also wishing that I was young again. Things were not so challenging in the past as they are now, with the prices of everything increasing and the unemployment rate also increasing. Gas was much cheaper and kids could safely go outside to play. My 30th birthday celebration has made me understand the facts of life, along with important lessons about life that come only with aging, wisdom, experiences, and time.

My 30th birthday was a fun celebration that was filled with good times and plenty of laughs, but the meaning that comes with turning 30 is what haunted my mind and made that birthday so dreadful. Turning 30 is an important milestone for any person, woman, or man because many changes take place when a person turns 30, like physical, emotional, and mental changes. Normal daily life changes after that point. Changes and maturity are permanent presents from nature for everyone's 30th birthday. This can be a dreadful topic for any person, and it still is for me!


What Turning 30 Means to Me

What getting older means to me is growing up, maturing, becoming stable, and creating roots with the one person that my life is shared with, sprinkled with family and true friends. This is no longer the decade of the teen years or the '20s of my life when it was just one big party and all about having fun. That was a time when no one took me seriously because of my age and the world was mine to conquer. Turning 30 is the time to stop thinking about all of that because that's all over. The future is finally now and it's time to start acting on it.

Turning 30 means having more responsibilities and obligations, along with another year older. Turning 30 is different than turning 25 or even 29. Turning 30 brings many different changes for a person and their life, on the inside and on the outside. These changes can effects a person physically, emotionally, and mentally. These particular changes of maturing are what made me very dreadful about turning 30. What turning 30 means to me is changes. As a person's body gets older, it starts to show. Daily routines are altered because of sleep and diet changes. Most people will agree that they don't like change because of the lack of comfort and the fear of the unknown. Change is a part of the unknown, but these changes are changes in myself that I am not happy about. Turning 30 means:

  • Increased wrinkles.
  • Increased grey hair.
  • Being called "ma'am" all of the time!
  • Being asked for i.d. when purchasing beer/cigarettes.
  • Not young anymore.

The Aging Process


How Do You Feel About This Issue?

5 Reasons Why I Dread Turning 30

I have decided to create an article that expresses my dread, and concern, about my 30th birthday. This is a creative list of 5 reasons, which summarizes all of the emotions and physical changes incorporated, of why I dreaded turning 30. This list is realistic, logical, and sincere with explanations and descriptions. Turning 30 is a big part of a person's life just like other milestones people experience throughout life, like learning how to walk for the first time. The next milestone after turning 30 is turning 40, that's over the hill! My list of reasons is entertaining and creative and is also based on facts about life and about getting older.

1. My Body is Changing.

Turning 30 is making my body change on the inside and on the outside, which is making me experience different changes from ever before. My body is changing on the inside, like my sleeping patterns and even food cravings are different. My hair and skin texture, along with the appearance and manageability are changing. Certain things that were gross to me aren't so bad and vice versa. My sense of smell has increased highly and my energy has decreased intensely. My body is experiencing turning 30 and maturity in a very noticeable way.


2. My Brain is Changing.

Along with my body turning 30 and maturing, so is my brain. A person's brain matures and changes from birth until death. The appearance of the brain and chemicals inside change as a person ages. The three main chemicals inside of the brain that is affected by maturity are:

  • Dopamine: reward drove learning chemical inside of the brain.
  • Serotonin: chemicals that create feelings of happiness.
  • Glutamate/Glutamic Acid: learning and memory chemicals inside of the brain.

3. My Vision Has Changed.

Since turning 30 includes many changes, with high amounts of responsibilities and obligations that seem never-ending, glasses are needed at this age and beyond. Glasses of wine that is, to help relieve the stress and the anxiety, and to also increase health. Glasses of wine contain high amounts of antioxidants that are healthy for older women because of the increased heart risks that are approaching me in the near future. A generous glass of red wine is always the healthiest, but any wine will do as long as they are full glasses.


4. I am Closer to Menopause.

Menopause and the glorious symptoms that are included, and are only just for women, are right around the corner. This is because my reproductive system is also maturing and changing along with the rest of myself. A woman's ovaries do not last forever. They will also become more mature and will eventually run out. When this process happens, more physical changes occur with hormones and physical appearance also being altered. I am steadily approaching that time in my life and am not looking forward to it at all! This is unavoidable and very dreadful for me, sometimes even terrifying.


5. I am Closer to Over the Hill.

Turning 40 is another large milestone for a person during their lifetime, like how turning 1 was but with your whole life behind you now. This particular birthday of 40, which is right around the corner, is considered "over the hill" and also brings more permanent changes to a person's life. Turning 40 is when many people will usually experience a mid-life crisis and do something irrational and stupid. I can wait for that, but time will not allow me to no matter how much I beg.


It is Not That Bad!

© 2012 Cristale Adams

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