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5 Moral Lessons Learned From Hallmark Movies

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in psychology.


I hate to admit it but I watch Hallmark movies. In fact I watch them a lot. I always tell myself I'm going to stop but I continue watching them. Sadly my RomCom viewing is not limited to Hallmark movies I also watch love stories on many other networks.

To top it off I actually like them even though most of the plots are very similar to each other. I‘ve also noticed in each movie there are always life lessons entwined into the plot. Here are a few of them

1. Love comes when love is ready.

All Hallmark movies have one thing in common, love. In each movie the lead character is searching or maybe not searching for true love. In some of the movies the lead character has a significant love who they later find is not the right one for them. This is the part of he film when they realize the true love they are ready for has found them.

How do all of these characters find their true love? The answer is simple by adhering to the first life lesson, love comes, when love is ready. You can’t force love your way. You just have to be ready to accept love when love shows up on your doorstep.

2. There is joy in the quiet moments.

In each movie there always seems to be one character who likes to overwork. In fact they could be deemed workaholics or overachievers. They never seem to have enough time to enjoy life or love.

It is only when they return to or get stuck in a quaint small town do they discover life is better when you get a little me time. The lesson here is to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments in life. Revel in them and you’ll find so much more joy in life

3. There is always a time to forgive.

Woven into the plot of the last twenty minutes of almost every Hallmark movie is the unfortunate mishap. This is point where one character gets angry over something the other character did or didn't do. Of course this ends the relationship. Still as every Hallmark fan knows in the last five minutes they make up, kiss and live happily ever after.

Now this doesn’t always happen in real life but it does bring up a good life lesson. There is always time to forgive someone. One “I’m sorry,” can save a lot of hard feelings.

4. Your perfect match may not be YOUR perfect match.

in a lot of Hallmark movies the lead character thinks they have found their perfect match until by some random meeting they find what once was or will now be their new perfect match. The life lesson you can learn from is your perfect match may not be YOUR perfect match. In other words your perfect match might be right in front of your eyes but until you really notice they may slip through your heart.

5.The harder you look for something the less of a chance you’ll find it.

The last life lesson kind of leads into this one, Have you ever noticed the harder you try to find something which is lost or just something you really want badly you just can never find it? In some Hallmark movies the elusive thing is love.

In others the main character is trying to find a balance between the job they have and the job they would like to have. The main man character seeks put answer but never seems to find them. It is only when they stop looking or just give up looking does 5e answer and of course love finds them.

The same is true in life. The more you try to make something happen your way the less likely you are in making it happen. Instead step back and let life happen in its own due time. Of course, like it has already been said, the same is true of love.

One Final Thought

There you have them, Five of the many life lessons you can learn from Hallmark movies. Now when you watch the movies don’t just watch them for enjoyment try seeking one small life lesson in each movie you can learn.

© 2021 Timothy Whitt