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21 Clear and Evident Symptoms, Which Determine That You Are a Writer at Heart

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

Are you a writer? What are the symptoms, which can determine that you are a writer?

Are you a writer? What are the symptoms, which can determine that you are a writer?

What makes you think that you are a writer?

Those who are passionate about writing, will understand, about what I am referring to, when I ask, what makes you think, that you are a writer.

Writing, in my opinion, comes naturally to people.

It can be a conscious decision for some, to adopt writing as a profession. But in most cases, it is there inside your heart.

And sooner or later, it will be evident to you, as well as those who are around you, that you are a writer.

A true writer, writes for the pure joy of expression. It makes the writer happy, and content, to see his/ her words being published, and the readers, enjoying the work.

Whether it earns the writer good money, or not, is another story.

But the satisfaction of being read, appreciated, by the people, is more than enough to inspire him/ her to write more.

Here I want to discuss, certain signs and symptoms, which determine that you are a writer indeed.

Are you a writer?

Are you a writer?

If you are a writer, a poem must be in the process of composition, when you come across this beautiful scenery

If you are a writer, a poem must be in the process of composition, when you come across this beautiful scenery

21 Clear Symptoms to Determine that you are a Writer

  1. Even when you are not writing, you find yourself, always thinking about writing.
  2. Every person you meet, or interact, is a possible character in your next story.
  3. You go out for a walk, in the market, in the park, or other places, and an article, or a story, is already in the process, of being written in your mind.
  4. Your mind is most active, when others think, you are relaxing.
  5. The bouts of imagination are at it’s peak, especially during sleep time. And it is quite possible, that you would get up in the quietness of the night, go to the other room, and jot down your ideas on a notepad, while your spouse is sleeping peacefully.
  6. You miss writing, when you are not actually writing.
  7. You feel guilty, if you didn’t read, or write on a particular day.
  8. When, you very excitedly announce, to your spouse, or other family members, that you finished a writing project, and they have an expression on their faces, (like—-‘What’s so great about it?’). But they do encourage and smile anyway, and say, ‘Good, well done!’
  9. When you never feel lonely, because you have so much to think about, to write about.
  10. Your belongings, such as your purse, your almirahs, your car dashboard, are all filled with several notepads, diaries, small notes, with one line, or one paragraph, or one stanza scribbled over them.

“Step into a scene and let it drip from your fingertips.”

—M J Bush

Are you a writer?

Are you a writer?

 Nature provides wonderful inspiration to writers

Nature provides wonderful inspiration to writers

Some Clear Signs That You are a Writer

11. When your Family is not as enthusiastic about your writing endeavours, as your writer friends.

12. When your online search history may surprise your family, as to what you are upto. It’s better to delete your search history, rather than look into their questioning faces.

13. Hundreds of ideas are flowing in your mind, but when you sit down to write, you are stuck up at the very first sentence.

14. You are a writer, when you subscribe to many writing websites, or videos.

15. You save any page on the Internet, which you think is well written. And sometimes, you may think, ‘Oh! Why I didn’t think of writing this!’

16. Whenever you read a novel, or see a movie, you are thinking about including some of the interesting part, in your next writing project.

17. You know you are a writer, because you have put on weight, due to long hours of sitting in front of your computer, or writing place.

18. You join various writing groups on social media, and keep on reading about the lives, and activities of other fellow writers.

This is to learn more about the art of writing, through them, and being thankful that you are not alone, if something is troubling you, in the writing field.

19. You are a writer, when writing is nothing less, than falling in love with something. So much so, that it becomes food for your soul, and the very purpose of your existence.

20. You are a writer, because your family and friends request you to write—The Thank

You notes, The Congratulatory messages, the important e-mails and letters, because

they trust you are the best at it.

21. You are a writer, if you read and enjoyed this article, with a constant smile on your



“The writer is by nature a dreamer—a conscious dreamer.”

—-Carson McCullers

A writer’s life, Source: YouTube

To Sum Up: Writing is an enjoyable experience

To conclude, I believe writing is an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Apart from self satisfaction, and the joy of expression, it can help others to benefit from your experience.

The joy of being read and appreciated overrides everything else, especially the money part.

It is a means of communication, and sharing of ideas and facts with others.

And the contentment doubles, if the readers find your writing work useful to them, in a significant way.

Writers do have a positive impact, and a significant influence on the society.

So, take pride in your profession.

Chitrangada Sharan

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This picture could be a writing prompt for many writers

This picture could be a writing prompt for many writers

© 2018 Chitrangada Sharan

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