20 Ponderings, Musings and Life's Little Lessons

Updated on June 28, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.

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There are things people say and do in life which cause you to pause for a moment. I call these things ponderings because they do not make sense or just don't seem right to you. So you need to spend some time thinking them through. Here in this article I offer you twenty of the many ponderings I've had in my lifetime so far.

1. Why do people work so hard to get out of doing work? In the end it would have been far easier to do the work in the first place because it would have taken less time and effort.

2. Why do people use credit cards and other loans to spend the money they don't have yet? The truth is you pay more using credit because of all the interest. It is better to save up and wait to buy what you need.

3. Why do people give gifts expecting to get something in return? A gift is supposed to be given with no expectations. It is why it is called a gift in the first place.

4. Why are people so anxious to grow older but when they get there they spend million to try and look younger? Growing old is the natural progression of life. Sure it is OK to try and stay healthy but be careful to cross the line to be overly obsessive about looks.

5. Why do people say, "Don't worry your time will come." when it obviously never does. Maybe however you may be in "your time" and don't really know because you're to busy looking for another time.


6.Why do people always say, "I'm in it to win it?" It is obvious when someone enters any manner of contest mindset they are going to lose. No everyone enters a contest to win. If you don't win, so be it, at least you know in your heart you tried your best.

7. Why do people always love things that cannot give them any love back? People are quite find of saying I love my car, I love my house or whatever the item when they know those items cannot show them love back. It is far better to love people who can reciprocate love to you.

8. Why do people spend so much time offering their point of view but won't listen to someone else's point of view? Everybody should have time to speak their piece and would should all be ready to listen.

9. Why are people who have no children always offering parenting advice? In order to understand how to raise children you need to have children. Raising kids is on the job training. You are going to some things and of course you're going to do some things wrong. It is the nature of parenting.

10.Why do people who having nothing to say always talk to you for hours about things you don't really want to know? Some people just want a shoulder to cry. A sounding board for all their woes. It is up to you to temper your conversation. Of course there are times when silence is golden.


11. People always like to tell you, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The is what if you don't like lemonade? Maybe you're an orange juice person. No matter your drink try to make the best of any situation you may currently be in the muddle of.

12. Why do people have a habit of saying, "My left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing." The problem is aren't the right and left hand connected in the brain?

13. How come those who are in charge (the politicians) always tell you, "You can live off of what you make. The thing is those same people make millions of dollars and get benefits for life. (This is the only political pondering. I had to have at least one.)

14. Why are people always fond of offering advice on your problems when all you really want is them just to be there? When something traumatic or tragic in your life people are always there to comfort you but there are always those who are ready to you to get through when they never experienced what you're going through.

15. In the lines of #14. Why are people always ready to tell you how to live your life when they themselves do not practice what they're preaching. Some examples could include those who tell you not to smoke or drink as they light up a cigarette or take a drink. Those of you who are parents be very careful of this one your children are watching.

Sometimes you have to wonder if you have met all the people in your life but in the wrong order.

16. Why do people always call old age the ”Golden years of life?” When in fact they are the years of new aches and pains, all manner of protective exams, and figuring out when can retire or if you’ll be able to retire.

17. Why are people in such a hurry to go nowhere? No matter where you go, driving, walking down the street, in a lone in a supermarket, people are always getting angry when people are moving fast enough for them. Why? You're going to get where your going eventually. Getting there a few minutes sooner is not going to matter unless it's an emergency which is truly based getting to the hospital as quickly as possible, People have to learn to slow down and enjoy life.

18. Why do people always use the phrase, "Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you?" Physical wounds heal though you may have a little pain, Verbal abuse for a lot of people cuts deep leaving scars which can last a lifetime. So be careful of the the words you say to other people and also the tone in which you say them. Remember it only takes a little while to destroy what may have taken a lifetime to build.

19. Why do so many people say, I wish somebody would do something about (fill in the blank). The truth of the matter is if you're asking the question you should be prepared to be part of the solution. Don't just take the talk be the one to walk the walk.

20. Why do people always feel so guilty when they go into a store and leave without buying anything? It is true when you go shopping in a store especially a small store there is a certain fear and guilt that comes over you like you've done something wrong.

Final Thoughts

There you have them. 20 of the many ponderings I've had in my lifetime. There are a lot more. Maybe someday I'll write them down.

© 2020 T B Whitt


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    • whittwrites profile imageAUTHOR

      T B Whitt 

      2 weeks ago from New Jersey

      I totally agree about #7

    • Riffat Junaid profile image

      Riffat Junaid 

      2 weeks ago from Pakistan

      Nice article but no# 07 is so true.


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