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20 Things I Learned In My 20 Years

20 years have passed by quickly, et brought so much things I never knew I needed in my life.


and if i'm to write twenty things for the past twenty years i'd probably do it this way—

one — life's a box of chocolates, as forrest gump would always say. you would never know what you'd pick.

two — arigato, kamsahamnida, xie xie, thank you, salamat, no matter in what language, remember to always say your gratitude.

three — iced coffee, it'll be much less of spending when you know how to make your own. life saver.

four — friends are family you can pick, and i'll always agree. choose your friends, and when you do and appreciate them, not everyone finds people who are worth melting for, says olaf.

five — organize things. as much as i lazy myself to stay out of cleaning, it is actually great to keep your things arranged neatly (now, it stresses me out when it's a mess).

six — no matter what happens, in different circumstances, you'll always search for family to lean on. may it be your family, or friends, but trust me, sometimes, they make things lighter.

seven — don't push yourself so much, not everything can be done overnight, not everything can be fixed in a span of flick.

eight — don't rush yourself. you ahve to learn to live your life at your own pace, in your own time.

nine — patience is a talent, just like what my professor before said. mastering patience is hard but when you do, maybe it'll be helpful to do the number eight.

ten — it's okay to not be okay, a title of a k-drama and it actually makes a lot of sense. and it actually explains it.

eleven — live in a world that is not enclosed. you have so much more you can do, do it.

twelve — learn to say no. learning to say no is like cutting off the split ends of your hair. Because the littlest impact it may seem, may bring much to your life.

thirteen — yes, it's the littlest things. it matters. no, scratch that, it actually matters the most. just like droplets, yes, with every drop, it fills up the water glass.

fourteen — it's okay to change. your favorite color changes, your favorite movie changes, routine changes, life change in some ways.

fifteen — k-pop can change lives, there i said it. it saved me for some time, and it feels so great fangirling to people who embodies great talents, personalities, kind hearts (bonus !! they are wonderful, beautiful humans)

sixteen — love, and continue to love. there isn't much to explain here. but just love. no boundaries.

seventeen — spending some alone time is actually a great time to quite figure life out or simply just unwind. watch a movie alone, eat out alone, it's actually...a breather.

eighteen — music is good for the soul, as the saying goes. and it is true, and when you find yoir own taste of music, you could never go wrong. but don't forget to explore too!

nineteen — learn to forgive. yourself and others too. which leads to be always kind. there's no harm in being kind.

twenty — there are many more things to learn, and i can't wait. back to my one, life's a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you'd pick.

—maybe it would be something like that. or maybe i should really do it this way. you're growing, z. you're growing and continuing to enjoy the waves. live. love. hbd, self.

© 2021 Zeane Anjela

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