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20 Still More Ponderings, Musings and Life’s Little Lessons

Timothy is a Christian who enjoys creating visual art and writing. He has a B.S. in Psychology.

Thinking About Life

.There are a lot of things in life which make there way through your head. Things which make you stop and think to yourself, "What are they talking about?" or "Do they even know what their saying or doing." I call these things ponderings, musing or life lessons.

Sometimes these ponderings are the more serious ones like I wrote about in another Hub. There are other times when the ponderings strike me as funny. Here in this Hub I have put together 20 more ponderings some you might find funny others you might not. I still hope they get you to thinking.


1. If you listen to everything you hear can you truly say you’re making up your mind? The key is to ignore those who are offering bad advice and make up your own mind.

2. There are two sides to every argument, the right and the wrong side. The problem is everyone thinks they’re on the right side of the argument and nobody wants to admit they’re on the wrong side.

3. Why do so many people fail to unwrap the gift we’re all given, the gift of life? Life is fleeting so the key is to enjoy the time you’re given.

4. They’re are always goin to be grumpy people. The key is not becoming one of them. Do not be like all the grumpy people. Learn to smile.

5. Did you ever notice the more you try to ignore something or someone the more it shows up in your life? This is true try ignoring that song you just don’t like it will not go away.

6. When you wait for the right moment to do something the right time almost always never comes. The best time to try and do something is the moment the idea comes to mind.

7. The ones who wage the most opposition are usually the ones who cause the most trouble.

8. Stop doubting your doubt, it can help you build your faith. When you doubt it should be the springboard to seeking out the truth.

9. Why are you so quick to pick on good ole Charlie Brown? It is OK to be a Charlie Brown. Not everyone is going to live up to your expectation.

10. Why don’t people listen when they’re told something that will benefit them? Sure you want to make your own decisions but it is still beneficial to act on good advice.


11. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Why do so many people give up after the first try. Life is about trying and doing. It is only by making mistakes that you learn not to make them again.

12. Why are some winners still losers? Not in the sense of who they are but in the sense of what they do. You see it is all well and good to win but make sure you’re a gracious winner.

13. Are the true heroes the ones who do all they can behind the scenes? The nature of a hero is not to attract attention to themselves but to serve others behind the scenes. When you do something kind for personal fame then it being something other than a hero.

14. Why are the people who say you must be more tolerant about things always the ones who have no tolerance for your views? Think about it for a few moments it is so true.

15. On a lighter note which one is better the book you’ve read over and over or the movie version of the book? Take the time to ponder about it and it is sure to be the book. No wait, maybe the movie. No, it is sure to be the book. The debate goes on.

16. Why do people always say, ”I’m fine,” when you know well in good they are not. The phrase, “I’m fine,” is the go to phrase for trying to insure people you‘re ok whe you know you’re not but just want to be left alone.

17. Why do people spend so much time investing in things like sports, which when their team loses, they are miserable? Shouldn’t people invest their time in things which will mostly not let them? This is a two for one ponder. In life there are things which matter and things which don’t. Take the time to invest in what matters.

18. Piggy backing on #17 is this pondering, Why when we’re young do you spend so much time avoiding conversations with you parents? Then when they’re gone you spend a lot of time relenting the fact you didn’t talk to your parents enough. The moral to this one talk to your parents more.

19. Why is giving advice to someone so much easier than taking advice from someone? Learn to take advice as easily as you give advice.

20. Why are people so quick to skimp on everything thing they need but are quick to spend money on everything they want. There is a difference between wants and needs. A want is something you could ultimately live without. A need on the other hand is a need or something you cannot exist comfortably without.


A Final Pondering

There you have twenty more things in life to ponder about. Here is one final one. Why in life do we spend so much time pondering about things instead of taking the time to change them?

© 2020 Timothy Whitt

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