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10 Types of Cows and Why I Like Them

Anne Raygil is a small town-girl learning all about life on the farm.


Every cow is a good cow in my opinion; I like them all, can't go wrong with a cow. Here are some of the reasons I like different types of cows!

Black Angus

All around great cow; they are a good source of meat, make good breeding stock, and they are just so classy always dressed in black. I would say I am biased to them being as my family has always raised majority black angus. My grandma refuses to own any cow that is not at least part black angus.


The first time I saw a Hereford I was terrified, they have very large frames and heads, and their eyes are huge and kind of bulgy and look weird to me. Despite all of that, with mostly red bodies and white faces they make cute babies.

Red Angus

I absolutely love the color of red angus cows. If I could have a herd of my own I think it would be almost entirely red angus just purely because I think they are so pretty.

Belted Galloway

In other words 'Oreo cookie cows.' These cows are cool because they do indeed look like Oreos making them stand out a bit; you don't see them too often. They would make a good friendly cow as they are typically smaller in size and aren't really used as beef cattle.


If you like milk you like Holsteins, and I like ice cream so therefore I like them. Holsteins are the classic white and black cows you see all over in advertising, and like I said are dairy cows. Many farmers swear that a Holstein steak is better than angus.


One of the first cows we got was part Charolais, I named her donkey due to her very light brown color that is typical of the breed. Middle school me thought it was funny. Like Herefords they are a bigger cow and used a lot in the beef industry, just what a beef farmer like my father would want.

Texas Long Horn

How can you not think these are cool? I've never owned one, but think how epic it would be to have a cow with such majestic horns. Just make sure it's friendly. But when its time comes you could get a cool wall decoration out of it.


These guys definitely win the award fir best hair, I mean how can they not, and they have horns to boot! If you're looking for a cool looking cow then look no further. I would love to be able to give one of these a bath and brush their luxurious hair.


While I have never seen one of these they are pretty popular world wide for their resistance to pests and diseases which is a very cool feature. They also have a unique look with horns and a hump on their shoulders and extra skin on their neck which helps keep them cool. While they may look funny it sounds like they would be pretty easy to take care of.

Mini Cows

These have to be everyone's favorites, they are absolutely adorable. Yes, I know there are several breeds of mini cows, but I am grouping them all together. They would make great pets, maybe you could even potty train them, I don't know. Regardless it would make my whole year if someone gifted me a mini cow. They are just so cute and huggable!

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