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10 Things That Will Always Change

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What is Change?

Change, and not like the change that is found in someone's pocket along with lint. Change, like the change that is happening right this very moment. Change is defined as to simply make something or someone different, unlike the way it was before. Change can also be defined as moving from one thing to another. Synonyms for the word change consist of transform, alter, and modify. Change is found often every day, like changing clothes, children changing into teenagers, or changing circumstances. The most popular is the changing of the guards in Europe

Change is a natural process of life that happens with or without consent. Change is a part of life that will always exist and can be for the better or for the worst. Some changes may be difficult to accept, while other changes can be exciting and fun. It is the things that will always change that advances humans further into knowledge, wisdom, evolution, and growth.


10 Things That Will Always Change

Accepting change is normal, even when it's scary. Most changes that occur are positive even if not seen right away. Either way, the things that change are never the same as they were originally. Change is good when it happens naturally. Without change, the world and life would be very boring, dull. and predictable with no room for advancement in any aspect. There would be no excitement and nothing to look forward to.

There are many different things in this world that will change. Change happens every day, within the world, the economies, and to people. Listed below are 10 things that will always change, sometimes often and sometimes occasionally.


1. The World in Which We Live

As we all know, Coronavirus has hit the world in 2020. This has drastically changed our world from open and social to closed and locked down. This change has affected people's lives, finances, relationships, and even their children. Children are not in school during this time and this is a drastic change for all of those about to graduate college and high school. This has changed the world so much in so little time that no one knows for sure what will happen from one day to the next. This is a perfect example of that small chance of change being negative.


2. The Technology We Use Everyday

Technology always changes by finding new, smaller, and faster devices for sending and receiving data to enhance knowledge. Technology always increases in ways of finding new methods, cures, and even new species of animals. Technology will always continue to change and increase because people are getting smarter every day because their level of knowledge increases also by using technology. Technology is fit to maintain everyone's needs and demands are, so people are the driving force for technology to change. New technology breakthroughs include:

  • 30% of all new cars will have a self-driving mode.
  • AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)
  • Voice interactive appliances.

3. The Prices for Goods and Services

The prices of everything will always change because the prices of production and manufacturing goods and services will always change. Supply and demand play a huge role in the prices of goods and services, which can increase or decrease prices. Taxes, shipping, and other fees for retail and wholesale are also a factor when determining prices. When the price of one thing that is necessary for manufacturing or production is increased, it will affect the prices of many other things along the way, and then finally the increase is then passed on to the consumer. This change in prices will always occur, some times increasing or decreasing depending upon the world, but the severity of it will depend on many different things like the seasons, the stock markets (which change daily), and even the health of the economies.


4. Our Emotions and Feelings

The emotions and feelings of distress, instability and emotional unraveling will pass eventually. Emotions and feelings a person once had yesterday, a week ago, or even a year ago have changed in some way, shape, or form. Even emotions and feelings a person once had just moments ago can change just as fast as they arrived. Feelings of happiness and sadness along with many other feelings will change on a circumstantial basis. Certain activities, foods, entertainment, and even certain people can make feelings change drastically. The most perfect example is the sadness felt during a sad movie, but the sadness is usually gone once the movie is over. Or the confident feeling that one achieves from exercising or doing yoga.


5. People

People are very fickle and can change every day. These changes include their mind, thoughts, emotions, and even likes/dislikes. People change how they feel every day based on their past, rumors, and even based on the changes that occur within the world. Throughout the centuries, many people have evolved with the times, which is a form of change. People adapt to environmental changes, which can alter a person's life very dramatically. People have always changed and will continue to do so because it is human nature. Some changes are positive, while others aren't so welcoming. People changing is definitely one thing that will always change.


6. Nature's Beauty

As the world changes, nature's beauty changes along with it. The genuine beauty of nature is continuously changing and evolving in order to adapt to environmental changes in the world. For example, depletion of the ozone layer and the ice caps melting is decreasing nature's beauty due to global warming. It is common for lakes to dry up, islands to sink, and animals to evolve just to survive. Factors like dumping and pollution are contributing to this change. Just like animals evolve to adapt, nature tends to evolve its beauty in order to adapt to the changes occurring around it. As a result, there are increased amounts of storms and the intensity is also increasing with each year that passes.


7. The Seasons

The seasons will always change because the world always changes proximity to the sun when orbiting around it. The sun is furthest away from earth during fall and winter seasons and the closest during spring and summer seasons. This is because the earth's orbital inclination changes slightly each season. This change in the seasons and the type of weather each season brings is predictable but is still a change that will always occur nonetheless and is on this list.

8. The Weather

The weather will always change due to the seasons changing, but also because of the effects of the natural environment becoming more damaged and polluted. The direction and the speed of wind always change, along with the clouds and the temperature, which can bring dramatic weather changes that are noticeable around the world. The weather always seems unpredictable, even though it can be forecasted. The weather sometimes has steady trends that can be tracked, but the weather can always change in a second without any warning. Most of the time, the weather can change last minute or unexpectedly, which causes many people to get caught in a rainstorm when the weatherman said it would be sunny all day long.


9. Fashion

Because the seasons and the weather change, fashion always changes also because fashion and the seasons go hand in hand. Fashion trends, along with beauty trends, are always changing to new colors or fresh patterns, different styles, and original cuts based on what is popular among certain people and the time of the year. For example, 2013 fashion trends are noticeably different than the year before.

A trend is defined as a current style or preference and also a line of development for certain industries. Trends rely on solely popularity, which always defines what or who is socially best liked at a particular moment in time. Since people are fickle about many different things, trends will always change depending on what is hot and or new at that time. In some contexts, a trend can also predict the future to help create forecasts of certain objectives.

From Emily Grace

Some Things Will Always Change!

There are certain things throughout life that will always change. Many things do not stay the same and most things do not last forever. Change should never be unwelcomed or scary, but new and exciting. Change, in all forms, should be accepted and never feared because many times the changes that happen are usually for the better and have better outcomes even in the long run. Some people may have a hard time accepting changes, but it creates versatility and flexibility which is growth. For example, many employers often search for employees who are versatile, flexible, and enjoy change.

Certain things like time will always change because time waits for no man or woman. Time always changing means that other things will also change like children growing up. Let's explore some of the things that will always change more in-depth!

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