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Are You A Book Drunkard?

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They say that humans should only love their fellow humans and not earthly things. Let’s just face the fact, that things are easier to love than humans. They don’t leave you, hurt you or break your hearts in the future. This is what a bibliophile like me think. Though being in a relationship with a human is good, being in a relationship with books is better.

Bibliophiles (such as myself) is a term used to describe book drunkards, book enthusiasts or book lovers. One common misconception about bibliophiles is that they are introverts. Though it is true that most bibliophiles prefer to spend time with their books than to socialize, they are not wholly introverts. Not all bibliophiles are introverts and not all introverts are bibliophiles. Bibliophiles also spend time with friends and attend social events but there are just times when we feel that we’re not in the mood to go outside and have fun, when we can have fun inside our house.

So, I listed 10 obvious signs to know if you are a bibliophile. Are you one of us?

1. You Prefer The Actual Book Than E-book


Every book drunkard would prefer to choose those worn-out, funky, and well-loved print books than those cold e-books on our phones or tabs. Though E-books are more convenient and efficient, bibliophiles would still look for the satisfying feeling the actual book can give. Books are sexy, they have curves. They are enthralling. Overall let’s just say that actual books are impeccable while E-books are… well, NEVER MIND!

2. You Love Its Smell


Yes! The musty smell on books especially the old ones. No! It is not a quirk; it is just part of being a bibliophile! This is also one of the reasons why bibliophiles prefer the actual book because of the smell that E-books cannot produced. Some may find the smell unpleasant but for us, bibliophiles, it’s addicting.

3. When You Visit A Mall You Know Where The Bookstore Is Located.


Every book enthusiasts know this. One cannot just leave the mall without visiting the bookstore. That’s the protocol every bibliophile should follow. The jubilant feeling when you visit a bookstore in a mall is something you cannot find anywhere. You go look in every nook and cranny that bookstore has just to find that perfect book to read.

4. You Follow Your Favorite Authors’ Social Media Accounts


Name it; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, Pinterest, etc. you follow them on social media because it will be easy for you to know the latest update from them. This is okay, as long as you’re not being a paparazzi. Some bibliophiles even attend their favorite authors’ premeditated meet and greet event to ask for a photograph or autograph.

5. You Buy More Books Than You Can Actually Read


It takes an average person many days to finish one book but bibliophiles are not to be underestimated. We buy books more than we can read (especially series books) even if it’s expensive on our part because we know buying one book is just not enough. You would rather spend most of your money on books than on clothes or any fashion designer brands.

6. You Do Not Want To Lend Your Books To Others


The thought of lending your book makes you feel hot under the collar. I mean, it’s okay to borrow it but don’t murder it! I remember once, I let my friend borrow a certain book for a while, but then I discovered that he wrote something in the book. Ugh! My heart, my soul! Murderer! I’m exaggerating but it’s true. This is the type of situation that every bibliophile should not allow to perpetuate.

7. They're More Than Books


Books are more than our best friends; they are part of us. Books are life. I could not imagine living without it; it’s that incomplete feeling you get in the morning when there is no coffee.

8. You want To Have Your Own Library


In every bibliophile's life, there is that certain moment when we wished we were Belle in the fairy tale movie - Beauty and the Beast. Having your own library is every bibliophile's dream. But, what thwarts a bibliophile in achieving this kind of dream is the state of almost being destitute.

9. You Always Travel With A Book


Traveling is good but having a book with you when you travel is better. Just because you’re outside the house it doesn’t mean you can no longer read your favorite books. You can read books anywhere as long as you are comfortable with the place.

10. You Want To Write A Book


Our favorite book authors are our inspiration (excluding our parents). That is why we want to be like them. But, it’s not easy as it sounds. Most brilliant authors have their ups and downs and talk about the years that they have committed just to publish their best-selling masterpieces. So, if you want to become an author, you must prepare yourself; physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and mentally.

What is good about being a bibliophile is that, there are no precepts or paradigms to follow. You don’t have to have a profound understanding of books to be a bibliophile; all you need is the love and a spurn towards books. Books might be cliché for other people but for most bibliophiles they are quaint. They don’t bring weariness as what most people thought.

Though, there are many signs that would actually tell if you’re a bibliophile or not, what I listed above are the most obvious ones that may or may not apply to all bibliophiles. If you can think of other signs, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone by mentioning it in the comment box and let’s see how many bibliophiles can relate. Ciao!


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