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10 Reasons Why I Love My Mother


My Mother is Selfless


#1 - My Mom is the Hardest Worker I Know

My mother holds one of the highest positions at one of the largest, most successful corporations in America - and got to that position by working from the ground floor up. My mother is the Vice President of Corporate Communications at Johnson & Johnson.

Only one female has a higher position in the company than my mother, who has worked at Johnson & Johnson for most of her life.

My mother is not a corporate snob however, far from it. She is humble and generous, she is gracious and kind. She is ethical, and would never allow corporate greed to cloud her mind.

My mother is my hero.

#2 - My Mom Went from Rags to Riches

My mother grew up in a low-income household with her older sister, her older brother and her mom and dad. Her father worked at a soap factory, and her mother worked at a local school.

She went to parochial school, but only because her parents worked long hours to pay for her education. Scholarships are what got my mother through her education at Seton Hall, where she studied communications.

After graduating, my mother got a job at a local newspaper where she worked for several years before being hired by Johnson & Johnson. At J&J, she worked her way up, year after year.

Today she is one of the most powerful females employed at Johnson & Johnson. My mother is my inspiration and if I wind up becoming half the woman she is, I will consider myself the luckiest person in the world.

My Mother Raised Three Amazing Kids


#3 - When Everyone Else Gave Up, My Mom Still Believed in Me

I haven't had an easy life. I have struggled with an eating disorder, drug problems, and other mental health issues. As I went through life, friends and family fell by the wayside, but my mother never went anywhere.

No matter how far I fell down the rabbit hole, my mother was there to throw my a rope to help me climb my way out. I honestly believe that without my mother, I wouldn't be here today.

My Mom's Love is Unconditional


#4 - If I Ever Need a Hug, My Mom is Always There

I live in a duplex. My mom lives in one of the parts of the house, and my significant other and I live in the other part of the house.

She gives us privacy, but is close enough that if I ever need her she is there for me.

I have never been so happy to live so close to my mom, and I cannot wait for the day that I have children, and they can go see grandma right upstairs.

They will be the luckiest kids in the world.

#5 - My Mom is Tough

My mom is one tough cookie. She has been through the wringer and all it seems to do is make her stronger.

My mom was my rock as I struggled with my eating disorder. She was a rock when she went through a painful divorce, and she was a rock when she lost her sister, who was her best friend.

My mom has stood tall in the face of huge obstacles, and she has made me who I am today. I could never repay her for the person she has helped me become.

May Mother Puts Her Allergies Aside to Watch My Cats


#6 - My Mom Taught Me Good Morals

From the day I was born, my mother has taught me fantastic morals. She brought me up in the Catholic Church, and worked long hours to put me in the best schools around.

She fought medical insurance companies to get me funding for treatment for my eating disorder, and she disciplined me when I needed it.

My mother is a fantastic woman, and the more I mature, the more I look up to her. I used to say that she has a permanent set of rose colored glasses glued to her face, but that is just her way, she prefers to see the good in people, rather than the evil.

She always has, and she always will.

My Mom Explores the World with Me


#7 - She Knows When I Need Help, and When I Can Fly on My Own

My mothers has developed an innate ability to know when I truly need her help, and when I am capable of doing something on my own.

If I need her help, she is there in a heartbeat, but if she knows in her heart that I am strong enough to do something on my own, she encourages me, but refuses to help me.

This isn't because she doesn't care, but because she doesn't want to enable me. She knows that I am strong and can accomplish more than even I think I can accomplish.

#9 - My Mother Has Been My Best Teacher

You know when you are young and you roll your eyes at everything your mother tells you about life? Well, thankfully I have finally reached the age where I have realized that she wasn't as crazy as I once thought.

There is one day in all of our lives where something clicks, and we realize that maybe we don't know everything. It is that moment we slap ourselves for calling our parents crazy or nuts. It is the moment we realize that they really were right all along.

Oh, I can't wait to have kids!

#8 - My Mother is Honest

My mother is the most honest person I know. She is what gives me hope that there are good people in this world through her own actions.

One time we left the grocery store and she realized we forgot to pay for a toothbrush, so she made us all drive back to the store so that she could pay the store the $1 dollar and change she owed them for the toothbrush - we were almost home when she turned around.

If there is one thing my mom has told me more than anything, it is that I never have a reason to lie her. Although I have lied to her, also she tells me is that nothing I could do would disappoint her more than if I were dishonest.

As long as I am honest with her, all is okay.

#10 - My Mother Refused to Love Me to Death

Those of you who know me, or those who have read some of my hubs, are aware that I have struggled with a severe eating disorder for most of my life. My mother has been by my side for the whole battle, but how she acts towards me has changed over the years.

When I was younger, I was manipulative, misguided and dependent on my mother, who would come to my aid whenever I needed her. We were dependent on each other and it hurt our relationship.

Through education my mom sought out herself, she learned about co-dependency and how to separate yourself from loved ones with whom you are enmeshed. I can't put into words how helpful this was for me.

I spent most of my life believing that I couldn't do anything without the help of my mom, but once she stopped helping me unless I truly needed her help, I learned how to become independent - I learned to become my own self.

I can never thank her for her guidance, her love, and her willingness to let me fall, knowing that I was strong enough to get back up on my own.

I love you mom, and I can never thank you enough for all that you have done for me.