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Dream Lover I’m Going back to Sleep to Find You

Dream Lover I’m missing you….


Do you think about me like I think of you. You’re my Dream Lover everything that’s good and true in me,I can feeling in you.

When I close my eyes, I‘m sent back to a day you and I holding hands walking a beautiful snowy day. The weather was supposed to be freezing that day. But as we walked in the snow holding hands, bare hands ungloved. I didn’t feel cold at all. I felt as if I was walking on a cool summers day. I felt the wind breeze across my face. You then smiled at me and said my feet are wet. And I said mine are too honey. And we continued to walk and leave tracks in the snow. Off in the cold wet snow we go.
We walked to the gate. The opening and closing of our dream. What a dream, was it a reality, or just a fantasy. Was there real snow, or a breezing wind. Did our feet get wet or did you drift away in the sea. And I held your hand to the sad bitter end.
As I look back in the snow and see the track we made. The snow starts to come down faster and the tracks start to fade. Was this another dream? As the sun shines across my sleeping face. It’s a new day and your not there. Once again I look out the window are remember this day remember this dream. Dream lover I’m missing you.

Staring out my window missing you…….


Was this real…..