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A Mother's Love Is More Beautiful Than a Fresh Flower

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My mother

Mother is a form of God. Mother is the most precious person that cannot be described in words. It is true saying my mother is the greatest gift to me by God. She cannot be compared to anyone because she is the best person in the whole universe. She is medicine in sickness, source of inspiration in failure, food in hunger and comfort in pain. She is my first teacher and guide. My mother is a great person for me. There is no match for the love of mother. We cannot find the examples of her love in this world. It is the mother who is always concerned about everything for us.

My mother is an ordinary woman. She is my superwoman. In every step of my life, she supported and encouraged me. Whether day or night, she was always there for me no matter what the condition is. Furthermore, her every work, persistence, devotion, dedication, conduct is an inspiration for me. I love her not because she is my mother and we should respect our elders. I respect her because she was taken care of me when I was not able to speak. She taught me how to walk, speak, and take care of myself. Similarly every bigger step that I have taken in my life is all because of my mother. In my life, my mother is the person who occupies my heart the most. I have never found anyone so near and dear to me except my mother.

Although she is not physically very strong. She faces many hurdle of her life and of the family too. She motivates me to like her and never submit in difficult times. Above all, my mother encourage me to improve my all round skills and studies. She motivates me to try again and again till get success in it. Every mother is special for her children. She is a great teacher, a lovely friends and a strict parent. Also, she takes care of the need of the whole family.

My mother name is Monika. She is thirty nine years old. She is an educated person. She believes in simple living and high thinking. She is very harworking. She gets up early in the morning. She worships God everyday. She is a devotee of god. She prepares food and other delicious dishes for us. She always teaches me how to be good. She has good skills of cooking food, cleaning house, welcoming guests and so on.

I find the best friend in my mother. She gives me her company when I face any hardships or difficulty in life. She not only help and support me but also encourages me to face the challenges of life boldly. She is my leader. She led me the right path and taught me to be righteous and truthful. She is my pride. She is my great motivation because she always encourages me. I tell all my secrets to her. I always wonder how she manages everything perfectly. My mother is an motivation for me because of her devotion, hard work, love and faith inspires me to do more, to learn more and to become more.

Mother loves us selflessly. Mother is the most important thing in our life because without mother we cannot imagine life. Mother saves us from every trouble. Mother accompanies us in both our happiness and sorrow. We children are very precious to a mother. She gives us the first priority in her life and always gives us inspiration. Mother takes our all troubles on herself and wants to see us happy. Mother gives birth by putting her life at stake. A mother gives us her own desire and fulfil the happiness of her children. If anyone in the world loves us unconditionally, it is our mother who lives only and only for us.

If there is anyone out there who loves us more than our mother is only God. My mother is the ocean of love. I am proud of my mother. May God give her a healthy life...


We as a child always take our mother for granted but without her our life becomes worthless. She does her job of motherhood with a pure heart and complete devotion..

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