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Updated on April 12, 2017

Seeking advice from well-known yet total strangers has a long-standing tradition among newspaper readers, and this tradition has been continued and revitalized in our internet-savvy society. Today numerous professional advice-giver columnists are found in practically every media outlet online. Additionally, we have access to forums created for the specific purpose of addressing just about any lifestyle or relationship problem imaginable. Some of the advice going around is sound and often offered by intelligent, practical people; other times, the advice-giver in question may just think they know exactly how other people should deal with their personal problems, when in reality they don't have a shred of knowledge about the subject. And often, while reading these columns, we find that the folks asking for advice can be thoughtful, caring and honestly concerned with a legitimate dilemma, while others seem to be overly concerned with a situation that the rest of us would never find problematic.

While the pertinent concerns of Advice-askers and the language from the media-hosted Advice-givers may change with the times, there will always be those questions or answers that give readers cause to stop and do a double-take at the words in front of them, and very often give us a reason to laugh as well. The following Advice Column-esque excerpts are taken from old and new sources. They gave me cause to wince, shake my head or simply giggle. While I do not claim to endorse any of the advice you'll find here, I do hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have!

Poor bees, they never get a break huh?

From an old "housekeeping manual", this one might make women reconsider spending money on sexy lingerie when grueling, sweaty chores apparently get the same results.

Another older source of womanly advice. Makes me pretty sure Ollie here avoided churning butter altogether.

With this poor guy, I'm not sure which astonishes me more: the problem he's asking about or that he actually found somebody dumb enough to go out with him. Hm..

Whether you like lawyers or not, you have to admit that this one has ETHICS.

If I had to choose between the lesser of two evils, in this case it'd probably be the demons.

Yep, looks like the feminist movement has really failed when it comes to advocating for the rights of our female canine citizens.

From a vintage advice column here. Chef William went on to write a few cookbooks, all well-known bestsellers in Outer Mongolia.

Yes, it often feels like our culture is dictated by politically-correct snowflakes; but every now and then one of these folks surprise us with an excellent idea!

Aw man, a doc that tells it like it is.

The advice-seeker here had a similar problem but I have the feeling he'll never consider shunning his child.

Taken from a teacher's manual distributed in the early nineteen-hundreds; these recommendations on how to run a classroom is actually quite reminiscent of the rules in place today. Except the thirst thing; teachers today can get right put out if a kid interrupts their class for a whiny drink of water.

Yes, even in the Stone Age of analog television, it was better safe than sorry.

This confession-style question may serve as a good tip for anyone living with a Grammar Nazi.

So, I'm guessing the manufacturer's warranty didn't cover this issue?

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