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The Love Story of My Mom and Dad

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Synco Schram de Jong and Geertje (Muys) Meijst married on October 21, 1939

Synco Schram de Jong and Geertje (Muys) Meijst married on October 21, 1939

My Mom And Dad's Love Story Unwrapped

My mom and dad got married on October 21, 1939, just before the start of World War 2. Not the most romantic time for a young couple, but they had fallen in love a few years before and they didn't want to wait any longer.

I'll start with a little history about both before they met each other. I don't have many photos of my mom when she was young, actually only two. One as a toddler and one when she was 10 years old. I don't know if there have been other photos, never heard of them and never seen them.

I have more photos of my dad as a youngster, because his mom made a photo book for each of her four childeren.

Thanks to the eldest sister of my father, who has kept every single letter written to her or from her sisters and brother to their parents and thanks to their daughter (my niece) who is working on putting them on a special website in a timeline, we have a pretty accurate view about how they lived and thought during the WW2 and how they coped. I got her permission to use whatever I need for this article.

Nothing from this artical may be used in any way without my permission

Synco Schram de Jong

Synco Schram de Jong, 5 months old

Synco Schram de Jong, 5 months old

My Dad Synco Schram de Jong Was Born On March 9, 1910

My dad was born in the city of Nijmegen in The Netherlands as the eldest son of Grandpa and Grandma Schram de Jong. He got three younger sisters, Heleen, Coos and Arina.

My Dad's family moved around quite a lot in those days as his father (my Grandpa) was the Director of the Postoffice and he got assigned to different cities every few years.

My Dad Studied Art In Amsterdam

My dad had developed a skill for drawing and painting and went to the Art Academy in Amsterdam.

That's where he met Nico Wilbers, who became his brother in law when Nico married my Dad's sister Heleen. Nico started a school for advertising drawings and my dad was a teacher there for a while. I think it stopped when WW2 came around the corner and my dad was mobilized and had to go underground later on.

Little did he know at the time this photo was taken (Dec. 6, 1932), that he would become my dad 12 years later on Dec. 7 1944.

I inherited a lot of the drawings he made in his early years. His parents had moved to the city of Zierikzee. This little village had a beautiful church tower which my Dad could see from his bedroom window. I have a few pencil drawings of this church.

My Dad 22 Years Old

Synco Schram de Jong 22 years old

Synco Schram de Jong 22 years old

Pencil Drawing Of The Church Tower In Zierikzee - 1929

Church Tower of Zierikzee - drawn by Synco Schram de Jong at the age of 19 years.

Church Tower of Zierikzee - drawn by Synco Schram de Jong at the age of 19 years.

Geertje (Muys) Meijst

Geertje Meijst

Geertje Meijst

My Mom: Geertje (Muys) Meijst Was Born August 24, 2011

My mom was born in the city of Amsterdam near the district called Jordaan (mostly a Jewish district). She had an older sister Lenie and a younger brother Gerard. Her dad was a chemistry teacher at an institute. Later on they moved to Groningen.

At the age of five years, my mom got acute youth rheumatism in all her joints and in order to keep her constantly warm, they put her from her neck down in a sack made out of blankets for one whole year.

The doc had said to her parents that she would not grow old. Well, he couldn't have been more mistaken. My mom passed away on April 21, 2013 at the age of 101 years old.

I have only one photo of my mom when she was a toddler. Her Dad always called her 'my little mouse' and she kept that nickname her whole life. Only close family knew her real birthname.
Mouse in Dutch is Muis. Later on my mom pimped it a little to Muys. So I will refer to her as Muys, because that was the name everybody knew her by.

Muys At The Age Of 10 Years With Her Sister Lenie

Muys Meijst 10 years old with her sister Lenie

Muys Meijst 10 years old with her sister Lenie

My Mom's Family

From left to right: Grandpa Meijst, Grandma Meijst, sister Lenie with her husband Leo, grandma's sister Aunt Nettie, brother Gerard, sitting: my mom

From left to right: Grandpa Meijst, Grandma Meijst, sister Lenie with her husband Leo, grandma's sister Aunt Nettie, brother Gerard, sitting: my mom

Courting is exiting

My Dad courting my Mom

My Dad courting my Mom

My Dad Had Humor And Wrote Little Booklets To His Fiancé

As my mom was called Muys (Mouse) and my dad was an artist with humor, he used to show his love in word and drawings.

It was in December 1935 that my Mom and Dad met for the first time. My mom studied to be a nurse and she was invited by one of the other nurses to go to a dance party. She actually didn't want to go at first, but they convinced her that she needed a break from her study books. On that party she met my Dad, who was studying at the School of Art in Amsterdam. He was a painter. It was love at first sight.

My Dad, being an artist, send little drawings and poems to my mom on a regular base.

I've combined two little booklets into one and wrote my own little rhymes, because the lines my dad wrote were very personal.


They fell in Love

the minute they set eyes on each other


1939 WW II Mobilisation

My dad in army uniform with my mom in their garden with the dog Omar, a wedding present from my dad to my mom.

My dad in army uniform with my mom in their garden with the dog Omar, a wedding present from my dad to my mom.

It Was A Hectic Time For Courting In The Late 1930s

It was on the treshold of WW2 when my mom and dad were courting. Not the most pleasant time for a young couple in love.

In august 1939 The Netherlands got mobilized and my Dad had to go to the province Limburg and was stationed in the villages Voerendaal and Gulpen. My mom visited her fiancé occasionally. In Gulpen my dad was housed in a real castle, the Castle of Neubourg.

My Dad and Mom Got Married

Wedding mom and dad October 21, 1939

Wedding mom and dad October 21, 1939

My Mom And Dad Got Married On October 21, 1939

My mom and dad decided to get married in 1939 and from the letters my dad's mom (my grandmother) saved, I learned it was very difficult to find a place where they could get married due to the mobilisation going on and all.

Finally, after pulling some strings, they could get married in the townhall of the City of Middelburg where my granddad was head of the Postoffice at that time.

Just married, but living apart?

My Dad Got Mobilized In 1939

So they were married now, but living apart, because my dad had to perform his duty in the mobilized Dutch army. My mom came over to Gulpen occasionally to visit my dad and one day the countess, who lived at the castle where my dad was billeted, invited my mom to come over and stay at the castle so my mom and dad could be together for a longer period of time.

My mom told me that one day they were on a group bycicle trip and they happen to cross the border with Germany by accident. All the men in the group were captured by German soldiers and were taken away. Lucky for them it wasn't war yet and all the men were released again short time after.

They stayed in Limburg until the capitulation when the German Army attacked the Netherlands on May 10, 1940 and World War II was no longer a threat, but a fact.

The Castle of Neubourd in Gulpen, The Netherlands

The Castle of Neubourd in Gulpen, The Netherlands

After The Capitulation

Krispijnseweg Dordrecht

Krispijnseweg Dordrecht

After the Capitulation of The Netherlands

After the capitulation of the Netherlands in May 1940, my dad had to go underground for the rest of the war, to avoid being captured and send to the workcamps in Germany.

He managed to make a hiding place in the attic of the house in Dordrecht where they lived after they got married.

60 Years Later

I Took My Mom To The Castle Of Neubourg

60 years after World War II ended, I took my mom to the Castle of Neubourg. However we couldn't go in because it was under a major contruction and the whole Castle was fenced in. Mom told me stories of how she helped giving birth to a lot of babies in the time she was staying there. Sometimes in cellars due to the bombing.

My mom at Castle Neubourg 60 years after WW2

My mom at Castle Neubourg 60 years after WW2

An Amazing thing happened

Update November 13, 2015

Yesterday I noticed I had a new comment on this article, but it was only a link, so I didn't aprove it immediately because I thought it was one of those spam links. Strangely enough it was a link to a wellknown Dutch internet market place, called Marktplaats, a bit comparable with eBay, but just for the Dutch people.

So I put the link in Bing and to my surprise a painting of my Dad popped up. A lovely painting of two hydrangia flowers in a glass bottle, signed and dated 1933, still framed in its original frame.

I immediately contacted the seller and now it's mine. Thank you with all my heart, Vlatko Milosevski, for giving me the opportunity to purchase one of my Dad's early paintings.

My Dad's painting is problably one of the many my Mom had to swap for some food during the Hunger Winter of 1944 .

Painting Hydrangia by Synco Schram de Jong

Painting Hydrangia by Synco Schram de Jong

The B&B house 'Lief Huisje Zeeland' of my daughter

The B&B house 'Lief Huisje Zeeland' of my daughter

The Love Story of My Mom and Dad Continues

Of course my Mom and Dad's Love Story didn't stop here. I wrote a second article about their lives during the last year of the War and how they survived the Dutch Famine in 1944.

Love story of Mom and Dad - surviving the Dutch Famine 1944

Love story of Mom and Dad - surviving the Dutch Famine 1944

© 2013 Titia Geertman

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Titia Geertman (author) from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands on January 12, 2018:

Hi Tanta Alistar, thanks for your lovely words and I'm glad my story will be an inspiration for you to write about your own parents.

TANTA ALISTAR -Piatra Neamt- Romania on January 12, 2018:

-O my God, what history....!Beautiful, beautiful story. Inspiration for me to make a similiar story about my parents, thanks!

Feagai Singh on November 17, 2017:

Hey Dear, I just Loved reading your parents love story, it is very touching, but the saddest part was when they facing a lot of difficulted times. You are so blessed to have a beautiful parents like them. God bless

Titia Geertman (author) from Waterlandkerkje - The Netherlands on September 07, 2016:

Hi Ineke Kroon,

You're almost my neighbour LOL, I live on the other side of the Westerschelde in Waterlandkerkje, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Thanks for liking my story about my mom and dad.

Ineke Kroon on August 30, 2016:

Hi,found your site through relatives of yours (that are relatives to me as well, Marianne Jobse is my cousin, Leif is her son). Love this story! I live near Middelburg in Holland and know the town hall they maried in very well, Beautiful building, try to google it and you will see why it's famous. Kasteel Neubourg is in a part of Holland that is near Germany, The name can be best translated as; New castle. The name is old Dutch and partly dialect (Neu means new, bourg is 'castle'). Beautiful story. Inspiration for me to make a similiar story about my parents, thanks! Ineke Kroon, Vlissingen, Holland.

Tonie Cook from USA on November 13, 2015:

I love this page! Family history is real history, as lived by real people.

Kathy McGraw from California on November 13, 2015:

This could so easily be a book, with the other parts of the story all combined into one. Enjoyed reading, and what luck to have that message about the site that had one of your dads paintings. How exciting!

Joe Fiduccia from Monroe County, PA on January 20, 2015:

I give you a log of credit for being willing to share this story with everyone. Opening up like that isn't something a lot of people are willing to do. Nice job. What a great read. -Joe

anonymous on July 30, 2013:

Fantastic story. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Virginia Allain from Central Florida on July 14, 2013:

A marvelous love story. Quite fascinating.

SBPI Inc on July 13, 2013:

Great lens and some old and wonderful pictures. Lot of Love and history. Thank you for sharing your stories. Jonathan

Helena George from Scarborough, Ontario on July 11, 2013:

Thoughtfully put together and makes a super nice read.

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Thank you for such a wonderful article.

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What an amazing tribute to your parents. You have packed so much information and beauty into one lens. Great work.

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beautiful, I love it, I love to see old family pictures and also I love very much to read this kind of stories also, woooo, that´s great, wonderful.

Leiping on July 08, 2013:

Good job on writing this story.

Oh and nice to see some Dutch people here :)

Tot laters.

lesliesinclair on July 08, 2013:

Such a lovely tribute to your parents, with fascinating photographs to illustrate the story. This is one of the huge bonuses on this writing platform - to preserve and present family stories.

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Absolutely wonderful lens! How blessed you are to have all this information and lovely photos...we lost everything during the war, what I have is used here on squidoo. I hope some day to visit the castle we spent time in during the war, it's been renovated. It would be nice if you could visit after the Neugourg renovation, wonder if the name Kasteel Neubourg might mean Castle New-Hill or something like it

Raymond Eagar on July 08, 2013:

This is like a movie I felt like crying

siskiyoucowgirl on July 08, 2013:

Beautiful lens and story! Thanks for sharing!

Charlie43 LM on July 08, 2013:

Such a fabulous story! It brings many memories to me of my own mother and father, who shared about the same timeline. My father would have been 100 years old this year if he had of lived. Thanks for sharing.

hmommers on July 08, 2013:

Oh Titia, how great your photos are. I get such a feeling of the atmosphere in them - also because I know that of my parents' pictures of course. They are really great.

And congratulations to you too for the raffle ticket :-)

bossypants on July 08, 2013:

What a treasure! The photos are as captivating as the story. Your father is such a gifted artist. Your mom is so beautiful! It's very generous of you to share this lovely story -- and so beautifully told!

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Your parents married the day my Dad was born! It can't have been an easy time to start a new life together, I'm looking forward to "episode two".

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