My Mom, Family Love

Updated on July 7, 2016

A National Question

My mom who is 83 came to live with me. I'm feeling so blessed to have her still. As most kids do I left home in my 20's and no more to return - except for visits. But mom stayed in Minnesota, was caretaker to other family members, and now she's alone. Now comes the hard decisions when children gather and raise the question: What's going to happen to mom? I think this is a question that happens in many families as we see our parents aging.

A few years ago I could never foresee asking that question about my very active, vibrant, beautiful, strong and strong-willed mom. Today is different! Today, my mom who was always my support needs me. I have always respected the respect that other countries have for their parents. From what I have read, countries like Japan, China and Africa value the aged, and the experiences of the elderly. As the parents age, they come to the children and are not cast-aways.

I have been blessed to work with the senior population now for several years. It is wonderful that there are now apartments and housing complexes that serve the over 55 years of age population. I am very pleased there are places that transition from completely independent living, to assisted when additional help is needed, to dementia care if the mental capcity of our elderly relatives starts to deminish.

This year our family came together again. It's been about 7 years now, some deaths, some have moved across country, and illness and age prevent others from coming. But we had over thirty come home. Funny, how we didn't even know some. And oh how the years change the looks when we don't always see each other. some of my cousins I would not have reognized if they were walking next to me. It was great to sit down for a few hours and remember holidays and funny thing that happen in the past can never be compared with time in front of a TV or the computer. Holding new babies, and seeing kids who were babies themselves when we last met are priceless moments. Seeing my mom just sitting and taking in with pride this wonderful family that the Lord has purposed all of us to be a part of each other was priceless beyond words. After it was all over and everyone went their way, all I could do was give thanks for each one.

I realized after this visit that now is the time for mom to come and live with me. Not that she needs taken care of, but just to be nearer. It was a hard, difficult decision for her to make to relocate from her home since 1955. So much stuff, so many memories attached to furniture, pictures, and evn clothing. Newspapers that have been saved of eventful, national stories, books and magazines tht take up so much space, but hold special places in the heart.

I am glad and honored that my mom trusts me enough as she ages to consent to be with me. I pray that I will be the special daughter to her, that she was to her mom before she passed last year. I want to see her eyes light up as I come to her, to hear her laughter at my stupid jokes, to be able to shop, lunch and to be there for her when her health may start to fail.

Many of us face this question, I think it's safe to say, prayers will always be going out for those who are in the position of wondering 'WHAT TO DO WITH MOM"?


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