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Kenyan Tales (Pride Comes Before a Fall)

The author is a writer of interesting stories. He has done this for quite a long time.

A Week Before the Event

Our school team had been practising regularly in readiness for the county level athletics competitions. The competition day turned out very different from what we had expected. In the county level,the competitions were known to be tough.Nevertheless,we knew that we would beat our opponents hands down for we had had enough practice.Whoever said that practice makes perfect must have made some sense, however it is also worthy of note that: Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

Anyway, my teammates and I had to perfect on our weak areas.I was representing my school in one hundred metres sprint race and I was overconfident that it was going to be a walk in the park.Looking at me, though a class eight boy,I appeared as if I was of age.With mascular body and well-formed gigantic legs,you could easily tell that nature and exercises had done some favours on me.

Glen was going to participate in steeplechase.Joshua,Lenny and Beatrice would remind their opponents that our school—Talent's School— was not an underdog in relays.That is to say that Glen, Joshua,Lenny,Beatrice and I made up the school athletics team. Eventually,the day that we had been waiting for came.


Bulldog Stadium

We left at crack of dawn for the venue when birds were chirping merrily on the treetops.
The Bulldog Stadium was packed to capacity with people from all walks of life when we arrived.A whirlwind blew strongly making some pieces of papers around to dance in the air vigorously.No sooner had we worn our costumes than the announcer made an important announcement", "Steeplechase participants, get ready!".Glen walked majestically to the starting line as our fans cheered him on.

"On to your marks!Get set!..go!" They all left at a terrific speed at once running as fast as a deer, leaving behind,a cloud dust.Running and jumping over the hurdles was not an easy task.When they were approaching the finishing line in the last lap,Glen fell with a thud.I don't know what made him fall but all in all we lost in that race.I felt disappointed and wished he could have completed the race but if wishes were horses beggers would ride.

Next was four by one hundred meters relay(4x100).Our representatives led by Lenny,our starter ,were at the starting line in time.As soon as the starter fired the handgun ,all the participants broke into a run. The batons were exchanged skilfully to make sure that no team was disqualified.To my utter dismay, we completed the race but in runersup position.Our fans had disappeared from the stadium and for the few who were there, they cheered not.


The moment I had been waiting for with bated breath had now come."One hundred metres boys!" went the voice of the announcer. Walking to the starting line,I kept on praying to God to at least make us shine in the race.I was in for a rude shock when I found that my opponents were more confident.As a matter of fact ,they seemed more prepared for the race.It was the last event our school was going to participate and our fans had hope against hope that our school was going to shine this time.

Hardly had the starter fired the handgun when we all embarked on a wild running.I ran as fast as if I had forgotten my heart somewhere and worried someone would take it.Reaching the finishing line,I jumped to make sure no would overtake me.Our fans were back celebrating my victory. I jumped up and down in ecstacy .But I was wrong.My happiness was just short-lived.It was cutshort by the track judge who said I had taken off before others. It is very true that when it rains it pours.

We had been beaten fair and square.We went back to school filled with annoyance and disappointment.I will live to remember that day till I taste the bitter cup of my demise.