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Updated on February 18, 2018
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A born and raised Christian, just sharing the great things God has done in my life.

My car was a write-off

Ok, so this happened a while ago, about ten years in fact, when I was 23, however I have never shared the testimony in church or in a public space, so this is my attempt at that. I’m not trying to convert anybody or persuade anybody into becoming a Christian. This is just to show how God is present in my life and the lives of His people.

So, one afternoon while crossing a busy 14 lane highway to drop off my family at their house which was about twenty minutes away, we hit a car turning right across our lane - they did not watch for oncoming traffic, and they suddenly pulled out in front of us. The car had four males, and bottles of beer were littered inside the car - which we later discovered. My car was full - it had me, my ex-boyfriend, his brother, my little sister, my mother, and my four year old brother on my lap at the back seat.

So we hit them at 100km/h (62mp/h). Our car spun out of control, and ended up a full 180 degrees from the direction we were headed. All I saw was thick, grey, smoke surrounding our car while it was losing control. I saw the other car come out right in front of us, I grabbed onto my brother, shielded him and waited for the hit. We hit. Hard. While inside I thought “this car’s gonna blow up” and then I started to pray, and didn’t stop until the car stopped spinning. We all got out – unscathed. A lady (who was passing by in another car and had seen the whole accident) stopped and came up to us as I opened my door – fast. I got out, took my five-year-old brother and sat him on the curb. By now all traffic had stopped. I dreaded turning back to go get my family from inside the car…I didn’t know what I’d find… and yet to my amazement everybody was OK! By the grace of God, I saw my teenage sister move slowly (she was sitting at the front), my ex-boyfriend was driving and me, my mother and my grandmother were sitting at the back – I had my little brother on my lap. So when I looked back into the car, I saw the entire windshield broken, the two front seats had moved so far back that my mother and grandmothers shins were dug into by the metal on the two front seats – still no serious injury. The only person who got hurt was my grandmother – a broken arm. The entire bumper had been smashed like tinfoil so that the headlights were up to the front seats. But we were alive. While assessing the casualties (more like non-casualties) the lady who saw the accident and stopped to help came running up to me saying “Oh my God it’s a miracle! You all are ok!” I replied “Yes, it is”. We were escorted to the hospital by paramedics and checked out, the only one who stayed longer was my grandmother whose arm had to be casted. That was it. We were all OK. Thank God.

In the end, police told us we had hit the other car’s back tyre (like a "T") because as we drove straight, they suddenly pulled out and tried to cross our path. The driver was drunk. We bounced off their back tyre and spun out of control, but didn't topple. Had we only hit another part of that car – we would have crashed. But we didn’t.

Praise God, for keeping us safe. Thank Him for his Angels who surrounded us. So, its been ten years, the terrible ordeal is over. I am now married and now we have two beautiful children, and a dog.

"The LORD will keep you from all harm-- he will watch over your life" - Psalm 121:7

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