You Are With God Now, My Dear Friend

Updated on April 9, 2019

You are a kind man of forty-four. You were fashioned special by His hands

He made you unique. He made you extra-special.

You are caring, kind, generous and warm-hearted

You were simple, unique, gentle, soft-spoken and sweet

You always had nice things to say of people, of others

You did what you could to work and make your friends happy always.

Lately you were more and more depressed

I never thought you would not recover

Your memory was failing and you were making plans with me but you kept forgetting, or you were too tired, or just couldn't keep them.

I valued your friendship. You were one of my top notch three best friends in the whole world.

We spent wonderful moments together over the roughly three years I knew you.

We did a lot of fun activities...

You threw a good football party. You gave me a patriots shirt, and I watched them because of you. We played pool. We went to see La Salette, the reenactment of the battle on the Lexington green (Paul Revere and the British...) at 4 am that day...we saw Jack O Lanterns in Rhode Island....we did a lot of really good stuff the 3 years I knew you. Again, you were one of my best friends, and I told you that. And you told me I was one of your best friends. In the end,,I saw you the most, I was lucky to have you.

I am grateful that God gave me you to have in my life, for the time you were there. You were grateful for everything anyone did for you. You were so happy with the two paintings I gave you, because you loved art and you drew a lot. In fact, I have six drawings you did for me! I will always keep the Patriots shirt you gave me, and the praying hands you gave me as well. Thanks for providing food all those times we watched football. Thanks for being there.

May you rest peacefully with God and his angels. You deserve to be happy and at peace. I love you, Eric. I miss you. And I'm very sad..., but I know I'll be ok. I know you're ok too...

I pray I will have a dream of you smiling with radiance and joy~ as I'm sure you are in that place of peace. Amen...

I know you valued work, and I went to work tonight to keep myself busy. Even though I've cried a lot today.

I will finally rest now tonight and know that I don't have to cry because YOU would want me to be happy---you are a person who wished everyone happiness.

Eric loved art, he loved to draw: he drew 6 drawings for me; and I gave him two of my sunset paintings which he loved as well


You're my best friend, by Queen

Death is a difficult and complex subject. It's very painful,,,,there are stages of grief- sadness, anger, denial. I find that writing helps me greatly to express my feelings and release them.

Every person on earth, I believe, has a mission and a reason to be here. We are all given talents, as well, by God to share. Sometimes it's not just things like being good at drawing like Eric was, but being kind and nice.

We all need good quality friends in our lives. Often people are here for a season. They might be there when we need them the most! And then they 'fly away' eventually whether we loose touch or however they leave our lives.

Every person in my life I've met has in some way served me to teach me things.

And I'm grateful. Eric T, surely did help me through some difficult times in my life when I really needed him. Thank God for him. I would like to send my best thoughts to his family and friends and I'm glad his family suggested we all wear Patriots gear to his memorial- as to his wishes~how fitting and special.

Thanks for the Stevie Wonder CD!

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      • schoolgirlforreal profile imageAUTHOR


        12 months ago

        Gypsy Rose Lee,

        Yes, indeed

        Thank you

        I feel better today than I did yesterday


      • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

        Gypsy Rose Lee 

        12 months ago from Daytona Beach, Florida

        what a wonderful and touching tribute to your friend. Sorry for your loss at least special memories are always left behind


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