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Writing Adventures

The Basics as I see them.

My writing adventure began as a Freshman in high school here in Canton, Ohio. I was intrigued by the number of different forms of creative writing there were and mesmerized by how each person in the class would find their niche as the class went on. That semester I learned many new forms of writing:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Movie Reviews
  • Great Corpse stories

As I soon found out I had a special affinity for poetry and short story writing. I have long since come into my own with several novel starters and a poetry book ready to be published.

To do any of what you're about to read there are some fundamentals that you need to realize about yourself before starting your writing journey:

  • What are you passionate about in everyday life?
  • Do you have more than one passion in life?
  • What are the obstacles you've had to overcome to get to the point where you know what your passion is?
  • What are you willing to do to make your passion come true?

All that said the pitfalls of having so many projects in this format going at the same time are many and at times hard to overcome. For instance, I have three YA novels started and one Children's one started and sometimes I can't decide which to work on more. I often choose to work on the one I have the most storyboarding done on and save the others for a later date. When I finally finish that part of the planning then I can start on the chapter outlines in more detail. Once I have that done I can start writing the actual chapters.

On the other side of things, if I am totally stuck on the novel side of my writing adventure I can go to the poetic one quite easily. For some it may not be as easy to switch gears because once your mind is set on fiction writing you think you have to stay in that place and continue to write that style forever, but you don't. In fact poetry can inspire fiction and vice versa.

I have also started an autobiography using journal entries and commentaries for years past and plan to finish the first installment of it in the months to come. I actually got the idea of using the commentaries for my autobiography set-up from my first poetry book's bag of tricks, I have yet to see how well it will work, but I am hoping in both cases it will work wonderfully and I will carve a new writing niche or give new life to an old one.

© 2017 Deah West

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