Why It's Never Too Late To Start A New Career

Updated on November 30, 2017

The Wise Words Of Arthur Fonzarelli

I think one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard came from an unlikely source: Arthur Fonzarelli, aka "The Fonz" He said "You need to like your job, because you will spend an awful lot of time doing it" and that really resonated with me.

Careers Are Often Ruined By "Jobs"

But like most people, life, and more importantly, bills, got in the way, so I took jobs that paid me enough to have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Which I am not complaining about, but I was never happy, in fact, most of the time I dreaded going to work, secretly hoping that something would happen that meant I didn't have to go.

It's Not Too Late To Change

So I made a drastic change and moved a long way across the country to start a new life. Which very quickly turned into the same, old life, going to work and paying bills, watching everyone who doesn't work, have more money than I do.

I needed a distraction, so my wife suggested a hobby, and after a lot of consideration (it turns out I don't like doing much!) I decided on photography. I have always loved taking pictures, even as a child, and so it seemed like a good plan, especially as we lived in a very beautiful part of the country.

Try To Find Out What Makes You Happy

After reigniting my love of photography, I remembered how happy it made me, so I decided to take it seriously, and eventually, hopefully turn it into a new career, or at least a paying side gig. So a few months ago I bought a new camera and some editing software with the hopes of working my way up to pro.

It's Never Too Late To Change Your Career!

Like anything, the key to getting good at photography is to practise, so I decided to take as many pictures as I can and study as hard as my brain could manage. It's never too late to start a new career, Samuel L Jackson didn't get his first movie role until the age of 46!


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      DDE 5 weeks ago

      Limits are endless if you put your mind to it. If you want to start all over go for it. Nothing is to late for in life. Be yourself and and positive. I like this hub.